Here’s one senior citizen who is really disturbed about the way Nick Diaz carries himself. For some reason this elderly man seems to think it’s Nick’s duty to be a role model to all the children of the world. He says, “What you need is a good old fashioned butt stomping from one of our special forces guys; like myself that I used to be at a younger age.” He goes on to say Nick is “horrible for the sport” and all he’s doing is “hurting the sport.” Personally, I think Pops is off his rocker. What do you think? Does grandaddy have a point?

6 thoughts on “Nick Diaz – bad for the sport? *VIDEO*”
  1. The guy fights people in a cage for a living. You really think he decided to make that his life’s work because he was kind hearted and wanted to set good examples. Fight business is not the place to let people get under your skin like this Jack. Plus, everyone knows Diaz won’t hesitate to let the smack down on a senior citizen.

  2. For the record, I’m a huge Nick Diaz fan. I thought this video was funny. Pure comedy actually. I would have given some commentary but was in a hurry when I posted this. No, I don’t agree with this guy at all.

  3. Oh, I thought this was the guy in “About the author”. Lol, good to know that the guy in the video isn’t the owner of Prommmanow.

  4. nick diaz is one of the baddest m’er f’er’s in the sport. he sticks his face out and dares to get ko’d. gets tagged, even hurt but comes back with some of the most brutal boxing we’ve ever seen in the sport. he has the best body punches and best stamina and chin and the way i see it, until someone puts him in his place, the way he wins he can do whatever he wants. sheit.

  5. Good public behavior and staunch values are not prerequisites for professional athletics. In a perfect world public figures would all be shiny people. Fighters have to carry an chip and have an edge in order to compete mentally. Without that edge a fighter is just another athletic guy. Besides, America is a free country. Speech is uncensored and spirituality is ungoverned. It takes all kinds to make it go around.

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