If you are concerned about the direction things could be headed at Strikeforce, now is your chance to speak up. If you believe putting Jose Canseco on a Strikeforce card against Herschel Walker, or anyone for that matter, is a huge step in the wrong direction, not only for Strikeforce, but for MMA, then post your name and comments below. If there is enough response, we will notify Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker.

Here is the Tweet from Jose Canseco that got people worried:

After Herschel Walker’s recent fight in Strikeforce, Canseco said he wanted to “show him who the real bad boy of the sports industry is.” Then, Cesar Gracie said he could train Canseco for three months to beat Walker. So, Canseco took the offer, and showed up at Gracie’s academy on Thursday to meet with the trainer and apparently representatives from Strikeforce, according to Canseco.

Here is a photo from Canseco at Cesar Gracie’s Academy:

For the record, Coker, nor anyone from Strikeforce has made mention of possibly signing Jose Canseco, or having him fight in the organization. AND THAT IS THE WAY WE HOPE IT STAYS!

Just say NO to CANSECO!

Please sign the petition to help keep Jose Canseco out of Strikeforce.

21 thoughts on “Petition to keep Jose Canseco out of Strikeforce”
  1. Can Canseco even fight in the men’s league? All those steroids have rendered him a transgender. I’m a doctor, I know these things.

  2. jose canseco should definitely stay out of mma. he is just trying to keep his name in the spotlight. but he shouldn’t be allowed to make a mockery of this great sport. this isn’t some mtv reality tv show. this is a sport that we all love and respect. he shouldn’t be allowed to treat it as another publicity stunt. however, if he takes it seriously and trains for real, then he is no different than any other newcommer. this great sport needs to continue to build momentum as it gets more global awareness and gains more fanfare. adding someone who doesn’t embrace the beauty and purity of the sport can cause the sport to turn into or at least be talked about in the same way that WWE or TNA is. this is a real full contact sport. these are REAL athletes; some of the best trained and most skilled athletes in the world. jose canseco is neither of those and isn’t coming into the sport for the right reasons.

  3. I think this fight will draw a huge amount of attention to the sport. If they build the fight card up with top strikeforce fighters, those fighters will get to fight in front of one of the biggest audiences ever. I for one see this as a good thing for the sport. And if Jose gets knocked out in the process even better. But rumor has it walker is scared anyways. So we all are wasting out time.

  4. I can’t wait for the days when MMA does not have to do things to “build the fight card up.” That kind of stuff is for fake sports like Slam Ball, competitive eating or cup stacking. When is the last time a football team had to sign a midget or professional wrestler to bring in fans?

  5. Other than a few fighters in the strikeforce promotion (Fedor, Rogers, Henderson and Mousasi)strikeforce seems to want to promote themselves more than provide top flight fighters and putting on good shows for the fans. IDK what everybody sees in saying Herschel Walker looked good in his debute but he looked like crap and was confused on the mat. the guy he fought folded from punches to the shoulder! So of course Canseco should stay out of MMA, it only sets MMA back to a circus mentality. Coker is a joker!

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