I got you babe: Nick Diaz finds support from pop icon Cher

When Nick Diaz got a 5-year suspension for a third marijuana offense in Nevada, the MMA world was outraged, especially since his opponent for that UFC 183 fight in January of this year was Anderson “The Spider” Silva, who tested positive for actual performance enhancers, drostanolone and androsterone, but only received a 1-year sentence. Ronda … Read more

Petition to keep Jose Canseco out of Strikeforce

If you are concerned about the direction things could be headed at Strikeforce, now is your chance to speak up. If you believe putting Jose Canseco on a Strikeforce card against Herschel Walker, or anyone for that matter, is a huge step in the wrong direction, not only for Strikeforce, but for MMA, then post … Read more