ESPN’s Jim Rome had a few words concerning Brock Lesnar’s recent post-illness comments. Rome also says Brock should not confuse the health care he received in some remote part of Canada with the entire health care system of the country.

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3 thoughts on “Jim Rome rips Brock Lesnar”
  1. I was pretty annoyed at the way Brock summarizes health care in Canada.

    Brock’s quick to point out that he received inadequate care in Canada. However, he STILL couldn’t receive adequate care in Fargo or where ever they took him and still had to move him to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

    Sure you can get better care if youre a multimillionaire and have have some obscure ailment (from your own lack of proper nutrition), but how many people actually fit into this category?

    However I know many people that have received life saving surgery for FREE, how many Americans can say that?

    How many Americans are SUPPOSED to be covered by their medical plans from work or the military only to get screwed out of it because of some bureaucrat that chooses your method of treatment rather than your doctor?

    I would bet most up and coming fighters in MMA were wishing they were Canadian so they could at least get decent health care coverage for free, rather than the big fat nothing that the UFC provides except in the case of an in-fight injury–or unless you happen to be their top meal ticket.

  2. You call health care in Canada “free”? As much as Canadiens pay in taxes…I would hardly call it free? I dont want or need my government taking care of me…the more they are in my life, the worse it is…I will gladly be responsible for myself!

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