Johny Hendricks vs. Iowa's Mark Perry back in the day
Johny Hendricks vs. Iowa

One of the biggest NCAA wrestling matches of the season went down last night at Carver Hawkeye arena – No. 1 Iowa vs. No. 3 OK State. The Big Ten Network is showing the event on tape delay tonight at 9:00 p.m. CT. The broadcast will feature several match ups of ranked wrestlers. will be providing a live play-by-play of the match. If you are one of the people who can’t live without the spoiler results check them out here.

Quick Results
#1 Iowa 19, #3 Oklahoma State 16
125 – Matt McDonough (I) maj. dec. Chris Notte (OSU), 13-4
133 – Jordan Oliver (OSU) dec. Daniel Dennis (I), 3-2
141 – Montell Marion (I) dec. Jamal Parks (OSU), 4-0
149 – Brent Metcalf (I) tech. fall Quinten Fuentes (OSU), 21-5 in 5:15
157 – Neil Erisman (OSU) maj. dec. Aaron Janssen (I), 16-7
165 – Alex Meade (OSU) dec. Ryan Morningstar (I), 5-3
174 – Jay Borschel (I) maj. dec. Mike Benefiel (OSU), 9-1
184 – Phillip Keddy (I) dec. Clayton Foster (OSU), 3-2
197 – Alan Gelogaev (OSU) dec. Luke Lofthouse (I), 3-2
Hwt. – Jared Rosholt (OSU) dec. Blake Rasing (I), 7-5

Play-by-play after the jump

125 – No. 4 Matt McDonough (I) vs. No. 9 Chris Notte (OSU)
1st Period
McDonough gets in on a double leg and scores it. Notte gets back to his feet quickly. The two wrestle on the edge of the mat. The Iowa wrestler tries to work a Russian Arm and he works it into a deep single. Notte counters with a headlock, but he is not able to score a takedown. The referee stops the match for blood time. McDonough works a front headlock and he is able to get behind for the takedown. Notte is fat on the mat and unable to get to his base. McDonough works a head lever to an armbar. He starts to walk it, but Notte gets back to his base. The period ends with Iowa up 4-1

2nd Period
McDonough takes down position to start. He executes a change over and then steps over for a two-point reversal. Now on top McDonough rides an ankle. He laces his opponents leg. Notte is visible tired takes his time coming back to the middle after they go out of bounds. McDonough locks on the armbar on top and tries to drive it with 10 seconds on the clock. The period ends. Iowa is up 6-1 with the riding time locked up.

3rd Period
Notte takes bottom and gets a quick escape. McDonough shoots a quick double, but Notte defends until a potentially dangerous situation is called. Notte takes injury time. They start again on the feet. The Iowa wrestler attacks with a high crotch. Notte defends with a split but his opponent gets the second foot and the takedown. McDonough lets him up and scores another take down. He let’s him up again as he works for bonus points. The Iowa wrestler scores a go behind and rides out the period on top. McDonough wins by major decision 14-4.

133 – No.4 Daniel Dennis (I) vs. No. 6 Jordan Oliver (OSU)
1st Period
The crowd gets restless as Oliver backs out of bounds twice. Dennis tries goes for an ankle pick on the edge. The referee issues Oliver a stall warning, and he backs out of bounds again. Oliver shoots a double on the edge of the mat, but they go out. Dennis tries to work a front headlock, and the referee calls a stalemate. Dennis tries another ankle pick on the edge, but no points are score. On the restart whistle Oliver shoots a double leg. Dennis counters by wrapping around the waist and the referee calls a stalemate. The first period ends with no score.

2nd Period
Dennis chooses down to start the second. He tries to get up, but he is pushed out. Dennis tries a granby roll and gets a one-point escape. Dennis’ shot on the edge is stopped and Oliver almost gets behind. Oliver’s sweep single is defended well. The Iowa crowd really wants a second stall call. They restart in the center, but the period ends. Dennis is up 1-0

3rd Period
Oliver starts down. He ties the match with an escape. The match is tied and both wrestlers are on the feet. Dennis shoots and loses his balance. Oliver takes a re-shot but they are off the mat. Oliver backs off the mat again and now it is 2-1 for Dennis (two stall warnings is a point). Oliver shoots a quick single with twenty seconds left. Dennis holds onto the ankle, which keeps Oliver from scoring. With less than ten seconds left Oliver scores a two-point takedown with a head shuck to win the match. Oliver wins 3-2.

141 – No. 11 Montell Marion (I) vs. No. 5 Jamal Parks (OSU)
The broadcast begins at the end of the second period with Marion up 3-0.

3rd Period
Parks starts down. He gets to his feet, but he is driven off the mat before he can break free. They restart in the center. Marion sets up a hammer lock, but Parks frees his arm. The referee calls the bottom man for stalling. Coach John Smith is imploring Parks to move on the bottom, but Marion rides tough. The crowd cheers as the last ten seconds tick off the clock. Marion wins 4-0 with riding time.

149 – No. 1 Brent Metcalf (I) vs. Quinten Fuentes (OSU)
1st Period
Metcalf scores a single leg takedown right off the bat. Fuentes gets a quick escape. Metcalf gets double underhooks and drags Fuentes to the mat for a takedown. He tries a cement mixer, but Fuentes escapes to his feet. The score is 4-2. Fuentes tries a half shot, but Metcalf throws an arm pass. He works for near fall with a leg ride. After two one-counts, Metcalf gets the 5 second count for three back points. The score is now 9-2. Metcalf is riding tough. They go out of bounds with three seconds left in the first. Fuentes gets to his feet, but he can’t get away. The period ends with the 9-2 score.

2nd Period
Fuentes starts down and Metcalf lets him up. He gets a front headlock and scores a go behind. He lets Fuentes up again. Score is 11-4. Metcalf scores another takedown with a pass by. Metcalf is working for bonus points and lets him up again. The score is 13-5. He scores another takedown with a sweep single. He goes his leg ride again and works for some near fall points. The referee is holding three points as Metcalf works for the pin. Fuentes gets off his back. Metcalf is up 18-5.

Metcalf goes down and scores a quick escape. Fuentes shoots and Metcalf counters. He scores a takedown and wins by technical fall (up by 15 points).

157 – Aaron Janssen (I) vs. No. 13 Neil Erisman (OSU)
1st Period
Janssen goes for a sweep single, but Erisman defends well. Erisman tries the control the tie up. He shoots a deep high crotch. Janssen defends for a second, but eventually gives up the points. Erisman is riding tough on top. Janseen explodes to his feet and scores an escape. Erisman shoots a sweep and gets behind for a two-point takedown. Janssen gets to his feet, but Erisman picks him up and returns him. Erisman pulls out a hammer lock. The period ends with Erisman up 4-1.

2nd Period
Janssen gets the choice, but defers. Erisman takes down. He gets to his feet, but is slammed back to the mat. Janssen tries to ride legs, but Erisman is able to get to his feet and escapes. Janssen shoots a high crotch. He makes it double and score the takedown. Now on top, he works double legs. The referee stops the match because Janssen has an illegal body triangle Anderson Silva style, which is a point for Erisman. Janssen shoots with less than ten seconds and Erisman spins behind for two points. Erisman is leading 9-3.

3rd Period
Janssen takes down position. Erisman works on top and tries a head lever. Janssen tries to scramble, but Erisman puts Janssen on his back. He fights off his back, but gives up three points. Erisman tries to tilt and scores two points, but gets reversed. Erisman escaped. The score is 15-5. Erisman shoots a single, but is sprawled on. Janssen scores a takedown, but still gives up the major decision. Erisman win 16-7.

165 – No. 3 Ryan Morningstar (I) vs. No. 12 Alex Meade (OSU)
1st Period
Morningstar circles in and out of the tie up. He tries to work his traditional slow pace. Meade shots a single let and trips Morningstar to the mat for the takedown. Morningstar gets to his feet, but he slammed back to the mat out of bounds. After they restart he gets an escape on the whistle. The period ends with Meade ahead 2-1.

2nd Period
Meade gets right to his feet, but returns to the mat. He gets to his feet again and tries a standing granby, but Morningstar catches his ankle and holds on. Meade is still down as they restart in the center. Meade gets to his feet with hand control and escapes. He is now up 3-1. Morningstar is having trouble closing the distance on Meade who stays in good position on his feet. Morningstar shoots twice, but both times Meade defends well. The period ends.

3rd Period
Morningstar starts down, and quickly gets an escape. The score is 3-2 in favor of Meade. Morningstar is starting to push the pace, but he still can’t get inside on Meade. Meade shoots a double, but it is defended well. With 32 seconds left they go out of bounds. On the restart Meade snaps down and gets a takedown. Morningstar gets away, but can’t score. They go out of bounds with two seconds left. Meade wins by decision 5-3.

174 – No. 2 Jay Borschel (I) vs. No. 7 Mike Benefiel (OSU)
1st Round
Benefiel shots a deep shot, but Borschel comes out of the scramble with a takedown. Now on top he works a hammer lock. He now has an armbar and a wrist, but he can’t turn his opponent. Benefiel gets to his base, but he can’t come close to escape. The referee calls a stall warning on Benefiel. The period ends with Borschel up 2-0.

2nd Period
Borschel chooses the bottom position and scores an escape. Borschel picks up a single leg and scores with a trip. He works the armbar again on top. Borschel finishes the period on top and locks up the riding time.

3rd Period
Benefiel take bottom. He gets to his feet on the whistle, but Borschel drags him back to the mat. The Iowa wrestler is riding tough and the crowd wants a stall call. They get it. The second stall call gives Borschel a point. He lets up his opponent as he wants to work for the major. The score is 6-1 for Borschel. He shoots a low single and turns it into a double. Benefiel defends well, but then Borschel scores a knee pick. Borschel is back on top and rides out the period for the major decision 9-1.

184 – No. 9 Phillip Keddy (I) vs. No. 13 Clayton Foster (OSU)
3rd period
Keddy literally holds on to his 3-2 lead. At the end of the period Foster almost got behind for the victory.

197 – Luke Lofthouse (I) vs. No. 7 Alan Gelogaev (OSU)
1st Period
Gelogaev scores a go behind for the two points. Lofthouse gets to his feet, but he is dragged back to the mat. He gets up again and scores his one-point escape. The period ends with Gelogaev up 2-0

2nd Period
Lofthouse starts down and scores an escape to tie the match. The Iowa wrestler goes for a high crotch, but backs out as he is scared of the Russain’s hip toss. Gelogaev is pushing a conservative pace. Lofthouse picks up a single as the period ends, but he can’t score.

3rd Period
Gelogaev chooses down, but he quickly escapes. He is trying for freestyle throws, but Lofthouse is staying out of most. He picks up another single, but is unable to finish it. Lofthouse is down 3-2 as time is ticking off the clock. Gelogaev holds on for the one-point victory. The Oklahoma State wrestler gives the crowd the finger as he walks off the mat.

Hwt. – Blake Rasing (I) vs. No. 1 Jared Rosholt (OSU)
1st Period
Rosholt needs to score a pin to force a tie. He drops down for a shot, but Rasing defends. The little brother of former UFC fighter Jake Rosholt loses his balance and falls, but no points are scored. Rasing is trying to push the pace. The first period ends with no score.

2nd Period
Rosholt chooses bottom and gets out quickly. He shoots a single leg and Rasing falls to his back side. Rosholt finishes the takedown to go ahead 3-0. Rasing to get to his feet, but Rosholt keeps the weight on his opponent’s hands. He eventually gets to his feet, but Rosholt drops his again with a double leg. The period ends with Rosholt up 3-0

3rd Period
Rasing picks neutral and they start on the feet. Rosholt gets a quick takedown and lets his opponent get back to his feet. The score is now 5-1. Rosholt’s shot is defended and Rasing is able to spin behind and score his own takedown. Rosholt is still leading 5-3. He scores an escape, and they are on their feet. Rasing scores a takedown on the edge of the mat. It is 6-5 for Rosholt with 10 seconds left. Rosholts get a takedown at the end of the match and wins by decision 7-5.

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