Continuing with our MMA documentary series as we close out the year, here is “Renzo Gracie: Legacy”. Wikipedia describes it as: “…a 2008 documentary film about Brazilian jiu jitsu pioneer Renzo Gracie, directed by Gethin Aldous and written by Aldous and Adrian Miller. Shot over a ten-year period, it shows the origins of the sport of Mixed martial arts from its bare knuckle days to the explosion of the sport in both Japan and America.”

Renzo is expected to fight Matt Hughes in April at UFC 112 in the UFC’s first event in Abu Dhabi. It is the perfect place for two of the sport’s greatest legends to meet. If you have never seen this documentary, or are not that familiar with who Renzo Gracie is and the contribution he and his family have had upon the sport, then this is especially for you.

Other documentaries we have recently posted include The Matt Hughes Story and Rampage: Unchained, Uncut, and Uncensored.

You can purchase the DVD of “Renzo Gracie: Legacy” which has additional footage at

UPDATED – Well, we should have known…Youtube pulled this down pretty quick due to a copyright claim. If you can find this (order it – I know Amazon has it), it really is worth seeing.

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