Following a top-secret mission to Venezuela (UFC coffee?), Dana White talks with MMA super reporter Ariel Helwanni about the new and improved B.J. Penn, the lovable Diego Sanchez, Frank Mir’s smack talk, and the possibility Mir could be over-looking Cheick Kongo.

White praises Kimbo, and says, “Whoever came up with Houston Alexander’s game plan ought to be kicked in the nuts for five minutes. Not only did they give him the wrong game plan, they completely destroyed everything about Houston Alexander.”

“I wanted to get up and leave… it was making me sick,” White said about the first few minutes of the Kimbo-Houston fight. He also confirms Houston’s termination from the UFC, gives respect to TUF champ Roy Nelson, and says Renzo Gracie and Matt Hughes will fight each other in 2010.

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