Bundle up in a blanket, grab some hot cocoa, and listen to father White chat about all things UFC. He gives an update on Brock Lesnar’s health, and says we won’t know for a couple of months if he will be able to fight again. He does say that Brock is confident he will fight again.

White also discusses Kimbo Slice’s performance in the TUF 10 Finale with his win over Houston Alexander. He says the last thing he expected was for Houston to do the “Kalib Starnes.” He has not talked to Houston since the fight and says he doesn’t even want to talk to him.

White talks about an unpleasant conversation he had with Rampage prior to the TUF 10 Finale, he discusses Liddell’s return to coach TUF 11 and fight Tito, and says “his plan” is to have Chuck fight one more fight versus Tito then retire.

The Dan Henderson situation is touched upon, and White says he’s very happy with how it turned out. Remember when White said he would base jump off of Mandalay Bay if UFC 100 sold enough pay-per-views? Well, he still plans to do it. There’s more too…

HT: Las Vegas Sun

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