Everyone knows by now that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson gave up his fighting career to become an actor. And once you watch this video clip of a fight scene from his new movie Death Warrior you will realize why.

Upon viewing, it becomes immediately evident Rampage’s acting skills far surpass his fighting, and an Academy Award is surely just around the next corner for the former UFC light heavyweight champ. Rampage fans can only hope his A-Team performance will be half as good as what we see here.

5 thoughts on “Watch Quinton Jackson’s award winning performance in “Death Warrior””
  1. That was the worst acting and fight sequence I’ve seen in years. I sure hope Rampages acting is improved in the A-Team.

  2. If you think thats bad watch Never Surrender. Him, BJ and GSP all played in it and it is beyond horrible. I mean Blair Witch Project bad. Maybe that’s why Dana said Rampage will come back and fight. He already watched this.

  3. they could have at least desync’d the voices to give it that old kung fu movie mystique.

    seriously though, where can i buy this? this teaser clip left me hanging!

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