Class is in session at SSF Submission Academy.
Class is in session at SSF Submission Academy.

Blinky, 5 Miles, Grizzly Adams, Forrest Gump… Yeah, you all have nicknames that all the other guys in the gym know you by, but you have no idea you even have a nickname.  We don’t refer to you by your name when you aren’t around; only your nickname. To be honest, we don’t know your real name half the time.

I know this sounds a little shitty but hell, guys come and go all the time at the gym and we don’t have the time to memorize your name. Once you’ve been there a while and made some road trips with the team then we will start to memorize your name.

It’s kind of funny that now I am writing this blog for some of the guys are worried they are the subject of my blog or that they will be the next subject matter. You will all eventually be mentioned. It’s not done out of spite, dislike, hatred or disrespect. I picked you or at least your characteristics because it’s an annoying trait that you have but don’t worry; every gym has a guy like you.

It pisses people off but it also makes the gym a fun place. It gives everyone something to talk about and laugh at. Wow, that sounded harsh, but come on. You know you’ve been the guy doing the laughing plenty of times.

I know one guy that always sticks his hands down his shorts and adjust his cup. Well, we all have done this so no big deal right? Well this guy has a habit of cupping his hands over the guy’s mouth that he is wrestling with. WTF is that all about? That is freaking gross and just nasty. Anyway, don’t do stupid nasty shit like this and I won’t write about you.

I know this one guy I trained with in Va. He was really talented and in great shape. He would crush the entire class when we rolled but he was horrid when it came to competition. He would get nervous before a tournament and get a case of the shits. He just had the worst stage fright you have ever seen. It was embarrassing to go to tournaments with him. But come Monday he was back in class kicking ass as usual.

His weakness was in his head. His skills and talent were way beyond most guys but no one will know how good he is except his training partners. It’s a shame but what can you do about it? Needless to say, he was the topic of conversation many a time.

I also have this friend who is BJJ black belt and owns a gym, we called him Doctor for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He was a mental case. He was on medication and as long as he was on it he was great. But he would forget or just get tired of taking the pills and he would go off the deep end. He disappeared for weeks at a time. His wife had no idea where he was.

One time he went to Brazil for a month and a half without telling anyone, even his wife. He would show up for class and just run around the mat for 3 hours and talk a hundred miles an hour. Luckily his partner was level headed and would run the school most of the time.

I know the above all seems random and it is. But, the point is weird stuff happens in the gym and when you’ve been around MMA as long as I have you’ve seen just about every character there is. But, all these people come together to make the gym a home. Everyone is welcome, even the annoying people.  But, a word to the wise if you don’t want to be “that guy,” don’t act like a jackass all the time.

By: Ron Dayley

Ron Dayley is a trainer, manager, promoter, and owner of SSF Submission Academy. He is the author of’s “Coach’s blog” which is published about once a week or sometimes more often if he needs to vent.

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  1. That’s funny the students are worried they may get mentioned. Also about the guy who would get the shits. I read that happens to burglars a lot. Often times cops find a turd outside the window of a break in.

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