As always PROMMA.INFO will be providing live play-by-play commentary for tonight’s UFC event. “UFC 104: Machida vs. Shogun” goes down at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Our play-by-play will coincide with the televised card which begins at 8:00 p.m. CT on Spike TV and 9:00 p.m. CT on pay-per-view.

The main event features UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida defending his title against number one contender Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. In the co-main event American Kickboxing Academy’s Cain Verlasquez takes on IFL standout and seasoned veteran Ben Rothwell who trains out of the Miletich camp.

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Quick Results:

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

  • Lyoto Machida defeats Mauricio Rua by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

Main Card

  • Cain Velasquez def. Ben Rothwell by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (:58)
  • Gleison Tibau def. Josh Neer by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Joe Stevenson def. Spencer Fisher by submission (strikes) Rd 2 (4:03)
  • Anthony Johnson def. Yoshiyuki Yoshida by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (0:41)

Preliminary Card (Spike TV)

  • Ryan Bader def. Eric Schafer by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-26, 30-27)
  • Pat Barry def. Antoni Hardonk by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (2:30)

Preliminary Card (May Not Televised)

  • Chael Sonnen def. Yushin Okami by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Jorge Rivera def. Rob Kimmons by TKO (punches) Rd 3 (1:53)
  • Kyle Kingsbury def. Razak Al-Hassan by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)
  • Stefan Struve def. Chase Gormley by submission (triangle) Rd 1 (4:04)

Play-by-Play Commentary:

Spike TV card

Patrick Barry 237 lbs. vs. Antoni Hardonk 249.5 lbs.

Round 1 – Two big punches from Barry land right off the bat. Hi kick misses by Hardonk, but then lands a leg kick. Barry returns the favor. Right hand by Barry. Another leg kick by Hardonk, Followed by an inside leg kick by Barry. These guys both have vicious leg kicks. Hardonk lands two more leg kicks and Barry then gets poked in the eye. Ref calls time while Barry recovers. Nice straight left rocks Barry’s head back. Hardonk tearing Barry’s legs up and pokes him in the eye again but he’s OK. Hardonk seems to be winning the stand up. Barry takes advantage of a Hardonk slip and gets side control on the ground. Barry looking for full mount but Hardonk gets him in half guard. Barry moves back to side control. Hardonk gets up but Barry lands some huge shots to the head. Nice high kick by Hardonk is partly blocked. Left hook by Hardonk followed by a leg kick. Great striking game here. Nice stiff left by Barry. Hardonk has a height and reach advantage. Great first round. I would give it to Hardonk 10-9.

Round 2 – Barry’s right eye is jacked. Huge right hand snaps Hardonk’s head straight back and then lands two more big punches, the second one drops Hardonk but he gets right up. Hardonk lands a nice leg kick. Barry’s confidence is picked up now. Hardonk shoots but gets stuffed. Nice fast right jab snaps Hardonk’s head again. the speed gets past Hardonk’s blocks. Huge right hand drops Hardonk, Barry hovers over him and throws another big right and the ref is forced to step in. That’s a big win for Barry. Great come back from the first round. Barry’s lightning quick jabs and punches was the deciding factor. OFFICIAL RESULT: Pat Barry defeats Antoni Hardonk by TKO (strikes) in Round 2 (2:30).

Ryan Bader 205 lbs. vs. Eric Schafer 205.5 lbs.

Round 1 – Bader stalking. Bader lands a right hand. Schafer seems to have a reach advantage and lands a left hook. Bader lands a leg kick. Bader lands a nice combo. Schafer with a left hook. Bader with another combo. Schafer lands a nice punch. Huge overhand right by Bader barely misses. Huge right hand by Bader puts Schafer on his back, Bader postures up to his feet and lands a huge shot. Bader is all over him trying to finish. Bader lands a number of very big shots and somehow Schafer is still surviving. Schafer looking for a kimura but does not have Bader’s body controlled so Bader easily escapes. I can’t believe Bader did not finish that. Bader lands another big right as he escapes an omoplata attempt. 20 seconds remaining. Red on his back and Bader standing as the bell sounds. Bader wins that round easily 10-9 (possibly 10-8).

Round 2 – Schafer definitely has the submission advantage and Bader wants to keep it on the feet. Big leg kick by Bader. Bader gets poked in the eye and the Ref calls time. He’s OK and the fight resumes. Nice stiff left by Red. And Bader returns the favor. Bader seems to have slowed a little. He throws a huge overhand right that misses but lands a stiff jab afterwards. Schafer is landing some nice counter punches. Bader is looking a bit sloppy now on his feet. Nice jab by Bader connects. Body shot by Bader. Nice double left hook by Bader connects. Schafer connects with a right as he times Bader coming in. Nice right hand by Schafer, followed by a leg kick from Bader. Big left hook knocks Bader’s head back. Lands a right on the chin of Bader. Bader’s big muscles have slowed him down. Very close round. Schafer lands a nice combo of punches. Bader lands a nice right and the sweat flies off Red’s head. Nice right hand on the chin by Schafer. I give that round to Schafer 10-9.

Round 3 – Schafer starts out throwing a left jab. Working it nicely. Bader throws a huge overhand right that wobbles Schafer and Bader pounces putting him on his back. Schafer seems OK though. I think Bader got a bit anxious there and should not have gone to the ground, and he stands up. Ref calls time to check a cut on Schafer. A head butt on the ground caused the cut. Nice right hand by Schafer. Bader swings for the fences with a big left. Schafer is timing Bader’s huge punches. Red checks the clock. Red is counter-punching at this point and it seems to be working for him to a degree. He’s still trying to time Bader’s attack. Bader snaps Red’s head with a punch. Bader shoots, Red puts him in a guillotine but Bader easily slides out, and gets the takedown with side control. 45 seconds left. Bader needs to secure this round. Bader pounding the body, maintaining control and Schafer pulls to full guard and goes for an omoplata as the bell sounds. I give that round to Bader 10-9 and the fight to Bader 29-28. OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryan Bader defeats Eric Schafer by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-26, 30-27).

Pay-per-view card

Anthony Johnson 176 lbs. vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida 170 lbs.

Round 1 – Johnson was five pounds overweiight for this fight. Johnson catches YHoshida with some punches, he lands a huge right and Yoshida drops to his back, and that’s all she wrote my friends. It was a right, left, right, right, and then one big right that dropped him. The ref steps in to prevent further damage. OFFICIAL RESULT: Anthony Johnson defeats Yoshiyuki Yoshida by TKO (punches) in Round 2 (0:41).

Joe Stevenson vs. Spencer Fisher

Round 1 – Leg kick by Stevenson. This could be a war. Joe moving from side to side, he jumps in and eats a big right hand from Fisher. Big left hook by Stevenson. Fisher throws and lands a leg kick. Joe shoots by gets stuffed. Joe pushes him against the cage. Fisher is cut and blood is running into his eyes. Joe still pushing Fisher against the fence. Joe picks him up but Fisher is able to get back to his feet and is stifling Joe’s takedown attempt. Stalemate. Ref restarts them in the center. Spencer is blinking his right eye continuously. This could be a problem. Joe lands an elbow to the same eye that is cut. Leg kick and right hand by Fisher. Joe gets the takedown and takes Fisher’s back while Fisher is in turtle position. Bell sounds as Joe is pounding. Joe Daddy wins that round 10-9.

Round 2 – Leg kick by Fisher, left hook by Joe Daddy. The cut has been taken care of momentarily. Joe shoots, Fisher sprawls but eventually Joe gets it and is in Fisher’s full guard. Joe scoots him to the fence on his back. Fisher very active striking from the bottom. Stevenson goes for a leg lock but no dice. And still maintains top control, moves to full mount. Fisher immediately hip escapes, gets to half guard. Joe pounding with elbows, lands quite a few. Joe lands more and is working on that cut. He’s tearing it up. Spencer is going to need to get his scar tissue fixed. Big punches from Joe now. Good wrestlers like Joe are Spencer’s nemesis. Joe Daddy gets Spencer in the crucifix and lands exactly 11 quick elbows and the ref has to stop it. Great performance by Joe Stevenson. OFFICIAL RESULT: Joe Stevenson defeats Spencer Fisher by submission (strikes) in Round 2 (4:03).

Josh Neer 156.5 lbs. vs. Gleison Tibau 157 lbs.

Round 1 – Supposed to be lightweight but moved to catch weight. Neer moves in close and Tibau slams him hard to his back. Neer gets up quickly. Inside leg kick by Neer. Another one very hard. Neer swings big and hits air. Tibau picks him up high in the air with another big slam. Neer trying some up-kicks, and Neer gets up to his feet. Inside leg kick again from Neer. Neer’s mouthpiece falls out, puts it back in. Left hand by Tibau, shoots, and slams him again. Neer gets right back up once again. Head kick by Neer is blocked. Inside leg kick by Neer. Front push kick by Neer. Neer moves in looking for the big shot but Tibau holds him at bay with several punches. Tibau takes down Neer for the fourth time. 40 seconds left in the first round. Neer stands up, Tibau had a guillotine choke but lets it go. Tibau lands a couple of punches as he moves in with punches. Neer looking for the KO and lands an uppercut. Gleison Tibau wins that round 10-9

Round 2 – Turtle from Entourage is in the audience – Jerry Ferrara. Tibau starts off with another big takedown and Neer gets back up quickly as Tibau lets him up. They exchange a few shots and Tibau puts him down again. And Neer back up lands a big right hand. Neer stalking, lands a big inside leg kick. Tibau puts him down AGAIN, but Tibau is not able to do anything with it, until now, he just got full mount. Neer turns, gives up his back. Neer squats on his feet, Tibau is high up and Neer is trying to slip out the back door. Tibau transitions to an armbar. Neer escapes it and has top control. Tibau is up to his feet. Front push kick by Neer. Neer tells Tibau to come on, throws a big upper cut. Tibau looks spent. One minute left in the round. Tibau shoots, almost gets Neer down, but no dice. Neer with an inside leg kick but gets checked. Right hand by Tibau. Neer stalking with punches. I give that round again to Tibau 10-9.

Round 3 – Joe Rogan just said Demi Moore sucks Ashton Kutcher’s blood every night and that’s how she stays young. Haha, good one Joe. Tibau gets the takedown. Not able to do anything with it and Neer is back up. Neer starts landing some punches and is being the aggressor. Tibau’s takedown attempt is stuffed for the first time. Push kick by Neer. Tibau looks gassed. Tibau ‘s takedown attempt stuffed again. Boos from the crowd. Neer stalking and Tibau retreating, winging punches in the process. Tibau shoots, gets the takedown this time. Two minutes left. Neer gets back to his feet. Ref stops the fight to fix the tape on Neer’s glove. Neer needs something big to win most likely. Tibau checks a leg kick from Neer and Neer grimmaces from the pain. Tibau gets the takedown, and Neer is right up. Tibau’s punches seem to have absolutely NO effect on Neer. Neer showed very little respect for Tibau’s striking. Tibau puts him down one more time as the bell sounds. A few boos from the crowd and Joe Rogan calls them L.A. douche bags.  I give that round to Tibaou 10-9 and the fight 30-27 to Tibau. OFFICIAL RESULT: Gleison Tibau defeats Josh Neer by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Ben Rothwell 265 lbs. vs. Cain Velasquez 238 lbs.

Round 1 – This should be a great fight. Future of the heavyweight division on the line here. Leg kick by Cain. Punches by Ben. Right hand by Ben lands. Cain shoots grabs a leg and scoops the other leg to put Ben on his back. Ben stands up but Cain puts him back down. Ben trying to get up as Cain as his arms wrapped around his body. Cain lifts him up again puts him down and Ben is up. Big right hand by Cain. Leg kick by Cain. Ben waits and Cain shoots, grabs a leg, and puts Ben down. Cain landing punches from side control. Cain with elbows from side mount. Ben gets up and lands an uppercut. Cain shoots and put Ben down again. Big bad elbows from Cain over and over from side mount. Big left hand from Cain as he postures up. Cain trying to get Ben’s back, gets in full mount momentarily. Cain standing hovering over Ben, moves to side control, postures up again and is pouring on the punches. Cain has Ben’s back and Cain dumps him again. Cain postures up, standing and lands huge bombs. Close to being stopped. 20 seconds left. Cain has Rothwell’s back, they square off again as the bell sounds. Wow, Ben’s face is messed up. Coach Miletich says he weathered the storm.

Round 2 – Great fight by Cain. Kick by Ben hits air. Cain moves in grabs a leg, puts Ben down. Big right hands under the arm pit by Cain connects to the chin. Cain is all over him as Ben tries to get to his feet. Cain lands about five huge punches and the ref steps in and calls the fight. Joe Rogan disagrees with the stoppage but he was NOT defending himself. He was protecting him. Cain dominated him and the ref probably just saved Rothwell from getting hurt very badly. Liddell is in the seats with Anna Trebanskaya, his dance partner from the show. OFFICIAL RESULT: Cain Velasquez defeats Ben Rothwell by TKO (punches) in Round 2 (:58).

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

Lyoto Machida 202.5 lbs. vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua 204.5 lbs.

Round 1 – No touch of gloves. Here we go. Machida grabs a plum and throws multiple knees to the body. Machida waiting. Shogun kicks but is blocked. Leg kick by Shogun. Shogun grabs body lock, pressed against the cage. Machida, has started off a bit differently than normal I think. He usually won’t even get that close. Left high kick by Machida. Shogun goes for a takedown attempt as Machida lands a knee to the body. Shogun clinches up, they separate. Shogun and Machida’s ribs are red. Machida waiting, Shogun throws a kick and Machida misses. Machida seems off. Shogun being patient and almost fighting Machida’s style. Hard leg kick by Shogun. Shogun lands a nice counter right hand as Machida throws a kick. Another nice leg kick by Shogun. Interesting. I would give that round to Shogun 10-9.

Round 2 – Machida does not seem his normal self, something is different. Leg k ick by Shogun. Machida lands a couple of punches and a kick. Shogun rushes in with the attack and Machida moves out of the way. Lyoto lands a punch. Machida lands a big knee as Shogun shoots in and grabs a leg. He lets it go. Machida goes for a leg sweep but misses. Body kick by Shogun. Nice hard body kick by Machida. Body kick by Shogun. Left straight punch by Machida was solid as Shogun also landed a kick. Very close fight. One minute left in the round. Knee to the body by Machida. They clinch. Shogun with knees to the legs from the clinch. Close round but I would give that one to Shogun 10-9.

Round 3 – Does Machida NEED to experience defeat. Beautiful body kick by Shogun as Machida lands a big right hand. Shogun lands a leg kick. Machida is just not attacking enough. Body kick  by Machida. Shogun misses with a kick. Machida throws a left punch but takes a body kick. Shogun shoots, clinches, elbow on the break. Big leg kick by Shogun as Machida threw a tapping leg kick. They exchange kicks at the same time. Huge body kick again by Shogun as Machida throws that straight left. Shogun seems to have found Machida’s timing pretty good. One minute left in round three. Body kick by Machida and Shogun chases him down and lands a hard leg kick. Machida hurts Shogun with some punches. Machida moves in and Shogun lands a big right hand. Close round again but I give it to Shogun again 10-9.

Round 4 – Lyoto needs to finish this fight. Both fighters’ bodies are very red. I just can’t figure out why Machida is not being more aggressive. Leg kick by Shogun. Almost reminds me of the Anderson Silva fights where he “took a break” against Patrick Cote. Head kick blocked by Shogun. Leg kick by Shogun. Machida slips to the mat and Shogun rushes on him, clinches up. They separate and square off again. Big leg kick by Shogun as Machida throws the punch. Another nice leg kick by Shogun. Nice elbow from the break by Shogun. Machida keeps his hands so low, someone is gonna knock him out. Knee to the body by Shogun. Big leg kick by Shogun. Machida has his mouth open where Shogun does not. A few boos from the crowd. Ten seconds left. Machida’s corner told him he was winning the fight and he is not, can’t be. They should not be telling him that because he literally could think that. They are still telling him he’s doing good.

Round 5 – Shogun’s corner told him that Machida’s legs are dead. Huge leg kick by Shogun. Machida tries to attack and nothing much lands. Body kick by Shogun. Big leg kick by Shogun again. Shogun looks the best of his UFC career. Body kick blocked by Machida. Shogun catches Machida’s kick and kicks his leg. Machida throws a punch then a knee. Shogun clinches up, ref calls for work, restarts them in the center. Machida’s spirit is gone. It’s not here. This is not the Machida who is Champion. Big elbow by Shogun from the break, followed by a right hand. Machida’s hands by his sides, I’m telling you someone is gonna KO him and it could be Shogun if he turns it on. Left and a right by Shogun. Thirty seconds left. Ten seconds left. Both men raise their hands. I give that round to Shogun 10-9 and the fight to Shogun unanimous 50-45. OFFICIAL RESULT: Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida defeats Mauricio “Shogun” Rua by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

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