Here it is, back by popular demand are the Dana White video blogs. Dana visits a Tuff-N-Uff event where his cousin is making his MMA debut. And in preparation for UFC 104, Dana makes use of his best friend Twitter to announce a ticket give-away in Los Angeles. Since, UFC 104 takes place this Saturday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, a ton of people showed up for the free tickets. One person was even prepared to fight for the free tickets.

6 thoughts on “Dana White UFC 104 video blog 1”
  1. i agrre dana white aka (dana king) has taken sport to an absolute fraud should they be called ufc entertainment

  2. the ufc mine as well call themselves ufc/wwe with the storyline and the interviews how they talk about their families and bull crap then the champion looses but regains the title, is this another micheal bisping matt hamill fight and the anderson silva, and anybody else that comes in front of him. i am canadian and i do not like my intellect being put down and my money for these pay per views being stolen by showing me set up fights.

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