Just one week after getting fired by the UFC for his assault on nurses at St. Rose Dominican Hospital, stemming from a reported suicide attempt, Junie Browning is scheduled to fight in the main event at “MMA Big Show: Onslaught.” The event is set to take place in Florence, Ind. on Nov. 28.

Browning, who is best known for his psychotic, alcohol fueled antics on the Ultimate Fighter reality show, is set to face Scott Cornwell, who is 1-0 in his pro career.

“I’ve seen Junie fight in Louisville, Ky. back in the day as an amateur and he always put on a hell of a show. Him and his brother were always fun to watch,” explains Jason Appleton, the promoter and owner of MMA Big Show.

Adding Browning to the card, and as the main event, will obviously sell tickets to the regional event. Whether or not the bout will be a show of MMA skill or merely a side-showesque spectacle remains to be seen. A bigger question may be the mental state of Junie Browning so soon after his latest, and most disturbing outburst.

One week removed from being arrested, fired, and reportedly overdosing on prescription drugs, Browning is seemingly rewarded with a main event fight and a paycheck.The most looming question in this may be what lesson is to be learned here, if any, for Browning?

By:  Jeff Howard

4 thoughts on “Junie Browning set to headline “MMA Big Show: Onslaught” on Nov. 28”
  1. Browning is a fkin twit. Hope he gets his nurse hitting, pansy suicide attempting ass pounded in the match. Or I hope he finds the courage to exit this world like he has a pair and do something that is successfull in ending his pathetic life….I know a high bridge he can jump from….Looks like he been hitting the meth pipe as hard as any opponent from the pics.

  2. Why would MMA Big show want this guy to fight? He’s a tool and no one is buying a ticket to see him. If he gets more then 300 /300 its a joke.

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