As part of PROMMA.INFO’s International MMA Spotlight series, for the next couple of weeks we will be presenting fights from Poland’s premiere mixed martial arts organizationĀ Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW).

On Nov. 10, 2007, Mamed Khalidov took on Dave Dalgliesh at “KSW 8 – Konfrontacja.” At this point, Dalgliesh had a record of 24-16-2 and Khalidov was 14-2-1. Dalgliesh had been fighting professionally since 2000, and was the much more experienced veteran coming into the fight, not to mention a dangerous striker.

From the beginning, Dalgliesh stalked Khalidov, but Khalidov fired back with a low kick and a lightning-fast beautiful spinning heel kick. Khalidov then put Dalgliesh on his back, where he eventually locked on an armbar.

Khalidov’s mission took less than two minutes and he walked away with the victory. Since then, Khalidov has gone 4-1, and will be fighting Jorge Santiago on Nov. 7 at Sengoku 11.

We will have another KSW fight video for you tomorrow.

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