Junie Browning gets submission victory at MMA Big Show – has a special message for the ladies

Junie still the bad boy.
Junie still the bad boy.

ProMMA.info provided a live play by play of Saturday night’s “MMA Big Show: Onslaught” which took place in Florence, Ind., and was headlined by none other than The Ultimate Fighter veteran Junie “The Lunatik” Browning taking on Taekwondo black belt Scott Cornwell.

Despite his troubles outside the cage, Browning proved he still had skills that surpass your average Taekwondo black belt by dropping Cornwell to the mat with his very first punch. Junie quickly pounced on his opponent, and at one point tried to put him in a gogoplata. He actually got pretty close, but ended up settling for a trusty triangle submission.

Browning controlled the entire 3:13 fight and was never in any danger. Following the bout, the microphone was handed to Cornwell who was apologetic and genuinely displeased with his performance. The crowd applauded Cornwell’s effort, in what was only his second professional bout.

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Junie Browning’s answering machine

We had an interview scheduled with “The Lunatik” Junie Allen Browning on Wednesday, in anticipation of his upcoming MMA fight this weekend against Scott Cornwell at MMA Big Show in Belterra, Ind. Well, Junie didn’t answer but he did have a very interesting voice message recording there to greet any and all who may try … Read more

Arrest warrant issued for Junie Browning

"The Lunatik" Junie Browning is back in the news.

Las Vegas Fox 5 News is reporting that Las Vegas Metro Police has issued an arrest warrant for former UFC fighter Junie Browning after he failed to appear in court for last month’s incident at St. Rose Domincan Hospital where he allegedly assaulted the staff.

The 24-year-old mixed martial arts fighter from Kentucky was taken to the hospital in Henderson, Nev., on Oct. 6, after he purposefully ingested a large dose of the anti-anxiety drug Klonopin in an attempt harm himself.

Once at the hospital, the arrest report states Browning tried to leave and became angry. He then pushed a female nurse, punched a male nurse, kicked another male nurse, and yelled “Do you know who I am? I will kill you and rape your family.”

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Junie Browning set to headline “MMA Big Show: Onslaught” on Nov. 28

Just one week after getting fired by the UFC for his assault on nurses at St. Rose Dominican Hospital, stemming from a reported suicide attempt, Junie Browning is scheduled to fight in the main event at “MMA Big Show: Onslaught.” The event is set to take place in Florence, Ind. on Nov. 28.

Browning, who is best known for his psychotic, alcohol fueled antics on the Ultimate Fighter reality show, is set to face Scott Cornwell, who is 1-0 in his pro career.

“I’ve seen Junie fight in Louisville, Ky. back in the day as an amateur and he always put on a hell of a show. Him and his brother were always fun to watch,” explains Jason Appleton, the promoter and owner of MMA Big Show.

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