Photo courtesy of: Sherdog - Mike "The Joker" Guymon wakes up Pat Healy with a big knee.
Photo courtesy of: Sherdog - Mike "The Joker" Guymon wakes up Pay Healy with a big knee.

Owner of the popular “Jokers Wild Fighting Academy” in Lake Forest, Calif., current King of the Cage welterweight champ, So-Cal MMA legend, and original member of the Tapout crew, Mike “The Joker” Guymon has been offered a four-fight deal with the UFC .

Guymon announced the news in a forum post on the Underground on Friday:

I just got offered a 4 fight deal with the UFC!!!!!! I feel so blessed and thankful for all the people in my life. This has been the craziest year by far. This has taken me just over 10 years to accomplish. Through that time there have been countless people and sponsors that made it possible, I love you all.

I literally cried for 3 hours from sheer joy and the long road that I had traveled to this point. Thank you so much Joe Silva, Dana, Tim Katz, Dan Caldwell, And Chris from the UG that made this all happen.

I know that the 170 division is stacked and all fights will be tough in there, but I promise that I will be ready in all facets of the game to give everyone their monies worth – Win or Lose!!!!

Guymon who holds a pro MMA record of 11-2-1, has only lost twice in his career, once to Pat Healy via split decision, and once to Diego Sanchez via armbar. His very first fight back in 1999 was a draw.

Nearly two months ago, “Joker” was in the news for a different reason when he reportedly tried to commit suicide by having armed policeman shoot him. Thankfully, they did not shoot him and “Joker” is still with us.

Guymon bounced back from the incident by getting back in the gym and focused on fighting. He returned to the cage on Oct. 1 to defend his KOTC title and defeated Quinn Mulhern via TKO in the fourth round.

“Joker” also made the following post in the Underground describing an article that was written about him, all he has been through lately, and his reaction to it:

‘a month, dude goes from almost killing himself to defending his kotc title, then getting a ufc contract. good on mike. interesting move for the ufc after cutting junie brown the day before.’

This is a quote from an article from someone talking about me… This is why I’m so proud of this accomplishment. One thing they left out, I also tore my MCL The week before I tried to commit suicide lol

PROMMA.INFO would like to officially congratulate Mike “The Joker” Guymon for bouncing back, getting focused again on the good things, and fighting through this. Win or lose you have achieved something great.

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