According to Aleksander Emelianenko, the brother of WAMMA Heavyweight Champion and former PRIDE Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko, Vadim Finkelchtein has been the source of trouble regarding
Fedor’s inability to come to terms with the UFC.

Finkelchtein is the President and co-owner of M-1 Global, the company that manages Fedor’s professional career. According to a new report at, Aleksander states,

You can negotiate with the UFC. I know that they have sufficiently flexible contracts. And all this talk about the “strict” conditions of signing a contract with the UFC only come from Finkelchtein, who wants, through a contract with the UFC and Fedor to promote his own business.

This is an interesting statement coming from Aleksander who told us earlier this month in his own words that he himself would like to fight for the UFC. Why the UFC has not aggressively pursued Aleks is not known.

It is possible whatever sticking points there have been between Finkelchtein and the UFC have been worked out. The L.A. Times published an article this afternoon stating the UFC and Fedor are finalizing a deal which will be announced on Friday.

Dana White wil be holding a special media conference call on Fri., July 31, 2009 in which PRO MMA ( will participate. It is very possible this is the call the whole MMA world has waited and yearned for for years.

Stay tuned to PRO MMA ( as the UFC and Fedor saga unfolds.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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