Luke Rockhold with "Fast" Eddie

The famed American Kickboxing Academy made its presence felt on this special in studio edition of THE INFO when “Crazy” Bob Cook and Luke Rockhold (5-1) stopped by the show. Matt De La Rosa and “Fast” Eddie Constantine talked with the guys about all things MMA, AKA, Strikeforce, UFC, Santa Cruz and business.

Cook filled the guys in on the best up and coming AKA prospects that fans may not know about, the old AKA try out process, Cain Velasquez, Lyoto Machida, the relevance of UFC 100 and the future of MMA. Rockhold broke down his win over Cory Devela, living in one of California’s most famous beach towns, sponsors, his teammates and where he thinks the sport will be when he hangs up the gloves.

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