This PRO MMA ( Fight Gear Spotlight is a special Female Summer Edition featuring MMA clothing from Cat Fight MMA. Summer is upon us and it is time to get yourself some nice things to wear, and Cat Fight MMA has a great line of women’s warm weather apparel to keep you not only looking good but feeling comfortable as well.

Whether you are working out at the gym, running errands, lounging at the house, or even fighting in the cage, Cat Fight MMA has an affordable assortment of styles, colors, and sizes that will have you looking your best no matter what you are doing . Order yours today!

To check out the complete line of Cat Fight MMA apparel, go to their online store on the Cat Fight website (

Cat Fight MMA shorts

Cat Fight MMA classic T-Shirts

Cat Fight MMA tank tops

Cat Fight MMA rash guard (short sleeve)

Cat Fight MMA sports bra

Cat Fight MMA is a strong supporter of female mixed martial arts, and they have their own fight team which trains at the H.I.T. Squad under coaches Matt Hughes and Marc Fiore.

To check out the complete line of Cat Fight MMA apparel, go to their online store on the Cat Fight website (

3 thoughts on “PRO MMA Fight Gear Summer Spotlight – Female Edition: Cat Fight MMA”
  1. Please come up with some clothing that are for the serious female fighter, not shorts that come up your ass crack and t-shirts that make your tits hang out – its awful that you want to portray us in that way.. the rash guard looks ok… but surely some long shorts like the guys that fit our hips better…

    Ok, rant over :-)


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