Bob “The Beast” Sapp stopped by Pro MMA Radio on Monday to talk about, among other things, his upcoming fight this Saturday night against fast rising heavyweight prospect Bobby Lashley.

“The Beast” said he is on target to come into this bout at the lowest weight of his fighting career, possibly weighing as little as 320 lbs. That is considered light for a man who spent most of his career fighting anywhere from 365-400 lbs.. In fact, 320 lbs. is how much he weighed during his last year in the NFL.

Sapp admitted he knew it was time to lose weight when he sat down on his toilet and it cracked. So with the help of trainers Maurice Smith, Antonio McKee, and others, he began running, concentrating on conditioning, and started to incrementally shed the pounds.

He seems to be taking the fight seriously. Sapp said he really wanted to push himself to get in shape and see how he felt at the lower weight. According to “The Beast,” a diet consisting entirely of tuna sushi and ramen played a huge role in the weight loss as well.

Sapp’s main advantage in a fight has always been his size and the power that comes with it. So it is only natural for the big man to feel a little apprehensive as he begins to literally thin out his assets.

When asked if he felt better at the lower weight, Sapp seemed just a bit hesitant. “I think I feel better,” he said. “What’s going to be interesting is to see if I still have some of that power.”

The whole world also gets to see, on June 27th, as Bob “The Beast” Sapp takes on Bobby Lashley in “Ultimate Chaos.” For those in Canada and outside the U.S., you can watch the entire event in an online webcast, which we will be providing access to right here at PRO MMA ( this Saturday night.

To listen to the entire Bob Sapp interview with “Pep”, check out episode 52 of Pro MMA Radio. “The Beast” goes on to talk about his enormous commercial success in Japan, his preference of fighting in the ring over the cage, and the differences between fighting in Japan and the U.S.

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By:  Jack Bratcher

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