Revolution Fight League’s “Maximum Impact” takes place Saturday June 27th at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Ind. The event is headlined with a heavyweight showdown between undefeated Ron “The Monster” Sparks and seasoned veteran Johnathan Ivey. UFC lightweight Junie Browning and former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver are scheduled to appear as special guests.

PRO MMA ( recently had the chance to talk with Revolution Fight League Promoter Tom Keeton to learn more about the Southeastern-based MMA promotion, how many events he has planned for this year, and what UFC legend he was hanging out with during Kentucky Derby weekend. Also, what does a Power Ranger have to do with the RFL?

PRO MMA: Thank Tom you for taking time out to answer a few questions for us. How did you get involved in promoting MMA?
TOM KEETON: Through Kevin Moberly.

TOM KEETON: Louisville, Ky.

PRO MMA: How long has the RFL been in existence?
TOM KEETON: We have been around for two and a half years.

PRO MMA: Does the RFL hold strictly professional fights or do you mix pro with amateur?
TOM KEETON: Mostly pro, but we do have some amateur, usually two to three fights.

PRO MMA: About how many events do you plan on having this year?

PRO MMA: I know you have run shows in Louisville, Ky. and Macon, Ga. Do you plan on staying around the Louisville area or are you going to expand maybe back to Georgia or other posssible locations?
TOM KEETON: Other areas include Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

PRO MMA: UFC veteran Junie Browning and former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver are scheduled as special guests for the June 27th show at the Horseshoe Casino. How did you get hooked up with those two fighters?
TOM KEETON: They are friends of mine.

PRO MMA: The RFL is partnered up with How did that come about?
TOM KEETON: Luck! I know Jason Frank from the company and from the old Power Rangers TV show. He was the White Ranger.

PRO MMA: For fans who might not be able to see the events live, are there other ways to watch RFL events maybe on DVD?
TOM KEETON: Yes, DVD’s are for sale on the website. The store is down now but will be up soon.

PRO MMA: Are there still tickets available for the upcoming show and if so where are they sold?
TOM KEETON: Ticketmaster and our website.

PRO MMA: How can fans and fighters find out more about the RFL?
TOM KEETON: Our website,

PRO MMA: Thank you Tom for taking time out to talk with PRO MMA is there anything you want to say to our readers or any shout outs or thank you’s you want to give?
TOM KEETON: To Chuck Liddell for showing me a great time at the Derby eve party and The Derby. Also to Bobby Lashley who couldn’t make it to see Ron Sparks fight because he is fighting the same night against Bob Sapp, good luck Bobby. And to Rebecca Keeton, my wife who really is the one running the RFL and making it work.

By: Dusty Adams