The PRO MMA ( staff submitted their predictions (at least those who made the deadline) for the main card of “UFC 99: The Comeback,” which takes place this Saturday, June 13, 2009 in Cologne, Germany. The historic event marks the first time the UFC has ever held a show in Germany.  The main card will air on pay-per-view at 12pm & 7pm PT/3pm & 10pm ET.

UFC fans can watch the UFC 99 weigh-ins on Friday June 12 right here at PRO MMA ( through a special live stream we have set up with the UFC. The live feed will begin at approximately 7am PT/10am ET. Also following UFC 99 on Saturday, we will be streaming the UFC 99 post-fight press conference. The video will be offered on a delay at approximately 10pm PT/1am ET.

Rich Franklin (24-4) vs. Wanderlei Silva (32-9-1)
Eddie: Franklin wins a decision by oustriking Silva with precision. Moving in and out of Wanderlei’s power range.
Jeff: To be honest, I have this fight as a total coin-flip. So I did what any intelligent adult would do, I asked my 7-year-old son Raider who was going to win. To my surprise, he not only knew the answer, but he gave me the round and time to boot. “Wanderlei Silva, ‘The Axe Murderer’ will win dad, by knockout, second round, in 44 seconds.” So I am gonna ride my son’s pick, Wandy by KO.
Dusty: Tough call, but I got to go with Franklin. He’s such an intelligent fighter and so well conditioned I believe he will withstand an early onslaught and catch Silva for the KO.
Jack: I’m picking Franklin by TKO, probably third round. His footwork will keep him away from Silva’s straightforward assault. With his size, reach, and striking he should be able to finish Silva; plus he’s been training with Anderson Silva, so he should be better than ever.

Cain Velasquez (5-0) vs. Cheick Kongo (14-4-1)
Eddie: Cain Velasquez by ground n’ poun in the 2nd. The fight takes him to the next level and a title fight this year.
Jeff: Cain is a monster, plain and simple. Kongo is no joke, but he has shown that his weakness is in his lack of ground game. Kongo’s power doesn’t match up to Valasquez’s, and I see Cain having his way in this one. TKO, second round for Cain Velasquez.
Dusty: I think Kongo’s striking is too superior for Velasquez to handle right now. Velasquez is a great wrestler, but Kongo has improved enough he will defend his takedowns and KO Velasquez with a knee.
Jack: Velasquez is so impressive. The guy has never even been out of the 2nd round and has finished all his opponents with five straight TKOs. I like Kongo a lot but I don’t see him getting past Velasquez. If Kongo can get past Velasquez he gains a whole new level of respect. Velasquez wins, round 1 TKO.

Ben Saunders (7-0-2) vs. Mike Swick (13-2)
Eddie: This one is tough. But when in doubt I always yield to experience and Swick takes it by decision
Jeff: Ben Saunders is a good prospect but hasn’t been truly tested yet. He destroyed Wolff, but Mike Swick is no Brandon Wolff, and in my opinion Swick is way too quick with his dangerous hands for Ben to handle. I have Mike “Quick” Swick in this one via TKO in the 3rd.
Dusty: Interesting matchup. I think Swick has faster hands, but Saunders has a long reach and good knees. Swick is the better all around fighter to me and he will take this fight to the ground and submit Saunders.
Jack: It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the “Swickatine,” so it’s about time for a good ol’ Mike Swick guillotine submission in round 1.

Marcus Davis (16-4) vs. Dan Hardy (21-6)
Eddie: Hardy upsets Davis in this fight by doctor stoppage from cuts in 3rd. Mind games by Hardy during the fight I think will get to Davis.
Jeff: Another fighter being overlooked by everyone including the odds makers is Dan Hardy. I have him beating Marcus Davis via decision in this one.
Dusty: I like Davis in this one because he seems like the more crisp striker and I see Hardy getting a little wild with his punches and leaving himself open for Davis to catch him and win by TKO.
Jack: I’m going with Hardy on this one. Davis has become emotional about this fight. Hardy’s height and reach advantage will play a factor in the striking. Hardy via TKO due to strikes in the 2nd.

Spencer Fisher (22-4) vs. Caol Uno (25-11-4)
Eddie: Fisher by TKO 1st. Uno I think is past his prime but still an extremely tough opponent.
Jeff: Everyone, including the odds makers seem to be overlooking Caol in this fight. He is durable and a gamer, sometimes too much of a gamer by putting himself in harm’s way to entertain during his fights. I see this one going the distance and Caol Uno winning via decision.
Dusty: Fisher by unanimous decision. It’s been a while since Uno has graced the Octagon and I think that will show and Fisher will win a decision, but not without some excitement.
Jack: With Uno having only 2 TKO victories, 13 submission victories, and 10 decision victories in 40 pro fights we can bet he won’t be looking to stand and trade. Fisher is too slick on the ground to be submitted and has the potential to submit Uno himself, but I see Fisher finishing Uno via TKO due to strikes in the 1st round.

Mostapha Al-Turk (6-4) vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (24-6-2)
Eddie: Cro Cop by decision in a boring Eddie Sanchez type fight.
Jeff: Cro Cop will be back in full effect for this fight. Al-Turk brings nothing to the table in this fight, in my opinion. Mirko by the infamous left head kick for a KO in round number one.
Dusty: Dana White signing Crocop to a one fight deal tells me he isn’t sure the old Crocop is back and im not sure either, but I still think he is to skilled for Al-Turk, so I pick Filipovic by TKO.
Jack: Cro Cop seems to have found that new desire that was missing his first go round in the UFC. This is the fighter we were all expecting to show up the first time he appeared in the Octagon. Cro Cop fans wet themselves as the Croatian Sensation KO’s Al-Turk dramatically in round 1.

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