The Ultimate Fighter: US vs. UK episode 11 recap

The semifinals continue with Episode 11 this week with two lightweight bouts that will determine who fights in the Ultimate Finale with a UFC contract on the line.

The first semi final bout of the night will be Team U.S.’s Cameron Dollar versus Team U.K.’s Andre Winner, with American fighter Jason Dent facing off against U.K. team member Ross Pearson in the second fight of this episode.

We check in at the training center with Team U.S. coach Dan Henderson checking up on Cameron Dollar’s tender ribs. Henderson’s goal is to have an all U.S. finals saying, “I want to make this Dana’s nightmare, with no U.K. guys.”

Michael Bisping checks in on Andre Winner’s weight before getting into some mitt work and conditioning drills. Winner lets Bisping know that Jason Pierce has given him some insight into Dollar’s punching style.

Back at the house, Miller’s team mates enlighten us about his thumb sucking habit. Miller quickly denies that he engages in the habit, but finally admits that he does have a problem, and then lets go completely, and jams it in his mouth in front of the camera for the whole world to see.

Both fighters and their teammates arrive at the training center for warm ups prior to the first bout. Both Andre Miller and Cameron Dollar take the ceremonial stroll to the Octagon, and both look confidant.

It’s fight time!

Round 1 – Dollar flicks out the jab several times but misses, but connects with an overhand right. Dollar is winging his punches already, and Winner steps in and lands a solid right hand, misses with an uppercut, and gets in a glancing left hand.

Dollar is throwing multiple punch combos but is really lunging and not connecting solidly early.

Dollar looks to establish his jab but steps into a nice left hook from Miller, forcing Dollar to change levels and look for a take down.

Miller shrugs off the take down attempt, and the fighters clinch, with Dollar landing a nice knee. Dollar drops for a take down, but Miller uses the space to step out from against the cage.

Dollar ducks and Miller throws a knee, with Dollar dropping again looking for the take down. Dollar then drops to his back and looks for an ankle, but Miler steps out.

After a scramble both fighters are back to their feet, but Dollar quickly changes levels looking to take the fight to the ground. Miller is defending nicely to this point with his back against the cage.

Dollar is looking for a high crotch, and he steps back for a second and lands a knee. Both are exchanging now from the clinch, and Dollar looks for the trip take down but ends up on the bottom with Miller on top.

Miller is on top in full mount but stays too high and gets reversed, but lands in the perfect position for a triangle attempt. He’s pulling on the head and looking to secure it, with Dollar standing trying to throw strikes. Miller re-adjusts his legs and locks it in tighter and Dollar is forced to tap.

Brit Andre Miller advances to the finals with his Round 1 submission victory over team U.S. fighter Cameron Dollar.

At the training center, team U.K. and Ross Pearson are readying for his date with Jason Dent.

Pearson shows his toughness in the Octagon working take downs when his shoulder dislocates. Pearson recruits Bisping to pop it back into place with a crack! and Pearson is right back into his training routine as if nothing ever happened.

Pearson shows respect for Dent as a fighter but adds, “It’s going to be a messy fight, with lots of blood, the game plan for Dent is to knock him out… impressively.”

Dana weighs in on Dent’s performance from his first fight calling it “uneventful”, and adding, “I know he’s not that bad, so it seemed like he was just trying to play it safe, and basically trying to squeak out a win.”

2nd Lightweight semifinal bout- Jason Dent vs. Ross Pearson

Round 1 – Dent misses with the kick to start. He goes high with another kick that is countered by Pearson with a straight right. Pearson is moving forward with punches and follows up with a kick to the body and goes to the clinch against the cage.

Dent reverses, goes to the plum clinch and fires a knee. Pearson counters with knees of his own but ends up on the ground for a couple of seconds.

They are back on their feet and Pearson is scoring with dirty boxing from the clinch, mixing up his strikes nicely. Pearson is moving forward again and lands a nice uppercut.

Pearson comes with a nice left kick to the body, and scores with a stiff right hand.

Dent is looking to double up his jab, and lands a leg kick at the center of the Octagon.

Pearson comes back with a left hand, follows up with a head kick that is blocked, then forces Dent against the cage again.

Dent locks up the plum clinch and throws some more knees, disengages and fires a couple of uppercuts.

Pearson throws a lead right, and goes back to the head with his left leg. Pearson now landing three punch combos, finishing with a big right to the body of Dent.

Henderson is calling for Dent to circle, and to get off the cage. Pearson is landing big shots now to the body and uppercuts to the head.

Dent attempts to tie up Pearson, and briefly lands a couple of big shots as his corner screams for a take down attempt.

Pearson fires an uppercut at 10 seconds to go, but Dent gets off in the last 8 seconds throwing hands until the bell rings.

Round 2 – Dent looks for his jab, and follows with a leg kick, superman punch, kick combo.

Pearson counters with a jab of his own, followed by a left hand.

Dent leans in for a punch and gets stung by a right hand.

Dent looks for the plum clinch and fires a knee, but Pearson separates landing another nice kick.

Dent is working his jab, with Pearson countering. Dent lands a nice uppercut, but eats a right hand on his way out.

Dent is scoring with his jab and leg kicks in this round. Pearson comes forward and lands two rights to the body, and Dent responds with a looping punch that misses.

Back to the clinch, and Henderson is screaming for a single leg attempt. Dent listens finally, and goes for the high crotch take down but Pearson shrugs it off.

Dent throws out his jab, and Pearson scores with a left hand to the body.

Both fighters throw jabs that land, and Dent now goes back to the thai clinch, firing body shots, and scoring with knees.

Pearson has had enough of that, and secures a take down. Pearson is in Dent’s guard and throwing punches.

Dent goes for an arm but Pearson recognizes the danger, and advances position.

They scramble and both fighters get to their feet. Dent scores with two knees and a four punch combo. Dent is doing damage forcing Pearson to drop for a take down again.

They separate and make their way to the center of the Octagon. Dent shoots for a single, but is stuffed and ends up on his back.

Pearson is dropping bombs to the face and body of Dent from the top position. Dent goes for an arm and looks for the arm bar as the bell rings.

Round 3 – Dent doubles up on his jab to start the final round. Dent moves forward with a five punch combo and finishes with a kick.

Pearson lands a jab and eats a left hand but connects with a hard right that hurts Dent. Pearson shoots and gets the double leg take down, with Dent trying to secure a guillotine.

Pearson is in side control and the guillotine isn’t tight so Dent lets it go and works to get back to his feet, but Pearson secures his top position forcing Dent on his back.

Pearson is looking for short elbows from the top, but Dent is doing a decent job at tying Pearson up. Dent nearly connects with an up kick.

Dent eats a hammer fist and rolls. Pearson is in control on top, and Dent goes for a single, but ends up turtled up again with Pearson landing strikes from the top.

The fighters scramble, and Dent ends up back on his back. Pearson is in control and is landing shots. He stands and throws a big shot, forcing Dent to roll again.

Dent is trying to get this his feet, but elects instead to go for a leg again, resulting in him being turtle up again eating strikes from Pearson with 20 seconds to go.

Pearson is now in Dent’s half guard, and lands strikes until the bell sounds.

The judges decision is in, and it’s unanimous for Pearson, but Dent really showed what he was made of in this fight.

Dana agrees saying, “The kid that came in and fought Ross Pearson tonight, is not the kid that I’ve seen on this show the entire season. I was so impressed by Dent today, he’s gained more respect in this loss, than he did in his last two wins on The Ultimate Fighter.”

The lightweight finals are set, and it’s all U.K. Andre Winner will be facing Ross Pearson at the finale.

Episode 12 will determine who will meet Damarques Johnson in the finale for the welterweights.

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