For the first time ever PRO MMA’s ( Matt De La Rosa and “Fast” Eddie Constantine welcomed a guest into THE INFO studio and none other than famed American Kickboxing Academy coach Dave Camarillo stopped by to chat. Fight! Magazine’s Danny Acosta also joined in on the discussion as Camarillo discussed dozens of topics.

The BJJ and Judo black belt talked about his time as a student under Ralph Gracie and how they both have very different philosophies. Camarillo also discussed Lyoto Machida’s victory and what it means for martial artists, his appearance in Renzo Gracie’s Legacy DVD, Cain Velasquez, Josh Thomson, Jon Fitch and more. The father of Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu talked in-depth about MMA being extremely close to becoming a main stream sport and decided to test the guys movie knowledge as well.

THE INFO – Dave Camarillo

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