The big news last week was Team U.K. coach Michael Bisping failed to show up for his welterweight fighter, Dean Amasinger’s bout against Damarques Johnson. Amasinger ended up losing the fight and Coach Bisping was nowhere to be found.

Episode six opens as Amasinger is in the kitchen talking to one of the Team USA guys about the fight. When asked if he was upset about Coach Bisping not being there he said, “I don’t want to say really.” However, Amasinger does confess he was disappointed in his performance.

Coach Bisping arrives to announce the next fight match-up. The fight will be Team U.K.’s Martin Stapleton (5-1) vs. Team USA’s Cameron Dollar (4-1).

Coach Bisping finally talks with Dean Amasinger about his fight and why he was absent. According to Coach Bisping, due to jet-lag he had not been sleeping well since arriving in the U.S. and it caught up with him. He said he fell asleep, overslept, and when he woke up it was too late. He seemed genuinely apologetic, called his actions inexcusable, and said he hopes Dean can forgive him.

Coach Bisping said Martin Stapleton a.k.a. “Stapes” is the best wrestler on U.K.’s lightweight team. “Stapes” is in the Marines and helps train Marines in combat.

Cameron Dollar admits his stand-up is terrible and he is scared. Coach Henderson said Cameron can win if he sticks to the game plan.

(LW) Cameron Dollar vs. Martin Stapleton
rd.1 – Cameron throws a low kick. Stapleton catches it but lets it go. Stapes shoots in and Cameron hits him with a hammer-fist in the back of the head. Stapes puts him down but Cameron bounces right up and hip tosses Stapes and lands in the mount. Stapes gives up his back and Cameron starts landing some big punches to his face with his hooks in and still on Stapes’ back. Cameron has his legs locked around Stapes’ waist and goes for a rear naked choke but Stapes defends it well. Cameron continues to pound his face. Cameron is finally able to secure the rear naked choke and Martin Stapleton taps out. Cameron Dollar defeats Martin Stapleton by rear naked choke submission in round 1.

Coach Bisping consoles Martin after the fight and Coach Henderson relishes the fact Team USA and Team U.K. are now tied at 2-2.

Coach Henderson announces the next fight will be a welterweight fight between Team USA’s Frank Lester (3-2) vs. Team U.K.’s James Wilks (5-2).

Frank says he is not sure how James Wilks is even on Team U.K. because “he’s been living in Orange County for the last ten years.” Frank goes on to call him a “spoiled brat” and a “traitor.” “He’s not an American he’s not a Brit, he’s just an asshole…I want to break his face. I’m gonna break his face,” exclaimed Frank Lester.

(WW) Frank Lester vs. James Wilks
rd.1 – Frank is circling while James appears to be more calm. James throws the first jab and lands a couple of punches. Coach Bisping tell James to keep pumping the jab but not to rush in. Nice leg kick by James but eats a right hand from Frank. Another leg kick from James. James moves in and eats a couple of punches. Leg kick from James. Frank throws a couple of punches that are mostly blocked. Leg kick from James. Nice left hook from Frank connects. Frank moves in with punches and James falls to his back and grabs Frank’s leg. Frank lands a couple of punches to James’ face in the process. Frank tries to get up but James pushes him down and lands in side control where he throws a big knee followed by a couple more knees to Frank’s back. James looks for an Americana to no avail. James lands a couple of elbows to Frank’s head still in side control. Frank fights back and lands an elbow from the bottom. Frank lands an up-kick that knocks James back but he bounces up and chases Frank in a scramble. James hangs over Frank, lands a couple of punches and tries to pull a guillotine but misses. Frank lets him up and immediately connects with several punches to the face followed by a knee. James grabs the plum and lands some knees of his own followed by a punch. They clinch against the cage. 1:21 left. Frank shrugs James off with an attempted throw. James lands a front kick followed by a punch. James has a large contusion by his right eye. He lands a knee from the clinch. They struggle in the clinch with James finally getting the take-down. Bell sounds.

Between rounds, Frank tells his corner man his teeth got knocked out. What makes this ironic is prior to the bout his team mates told him they would give him a hundred dollars for each tooth he knocked out of James’ mouth. Coach Henderson says, “That’s alright, you’re looking like me now.” Just as the round is about to start, Frank can not get his mouth piece in because there are teeth stuck in it. The referee calls time out, tells them to take the teeth out and put it on ice. His four front teeth were knocked out. 

rd.2 – James throws a front kick that gets caught but Frank lets it go. Leg kick from James, and another. Coach Henderson can be heard asking Frank, “Where’s your kicks?” About that time, James lands a solid head kick. Frank looks tentative and can’t find his range; he eats another punch. James stalks him against the cage, grabs his head and starts landing some uppercuts. Frank fires back with some punches of his own. Frank puts James on his back with a double leg and then hits him in the face right away, then backs up. As Frank stands up James fires a couple of shots to the face, evidently wanting to take out even more teeth. Frank swings at air. James lands a knee to the face. 2:42 left in the round. James throws Frank to the ground and lands in side control. James takes full mount with ease and lands a couple of right hands. James gets an arm bar and Frank taps immediately. James Wilks defeats Frank Lester by arm bar submission in round 2.  

Coach Henderson said after the match that he feels Frank Lester will be in the UFC, and even though he lost it was a great fight. Frank is disappointed and said he lost his focus. Frank shows the camera his mouth with the missing teeth; not pretty.

Previews for next episode show someone may possibly have herpes, someone gets hit in the head with a sledgehammer, and more…

By:  Jack Bratcher

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