In this episode USA lightweight Santino Defranco (13-4) gets selected to fight Englishman Andre Winner (9-2-1).

Tempe, Arizona’s Santino Defranco reveals he originally tried out for TUF season 2 but was sent home because he had two brain aneurysms. Now he is back, all healed up, fighting for his chance to win a contract with the UFC.

(LW) Santino Defranco vs. Andre Winner
Rd.1 – Santino throws a couple of leg kicks. Santino shoots but gets stuffed. Andre lands a shot to the mid section. Santino gets stuffed again. Andre throws a few punches but nothing really connects. Leg kick Santino, and another. Andre swings, lands a body shot. Santino shoots and pulls guard as Andre sprawls. Santino uses rubber guard to control Andre. Andre slips out, stands up and pounds out Santino until the ref is forced to stop it. Andre Winner defeats Santino Defranco by TKO in round 1.

Team USA led by coach Dan Henderson is now down 2-0.

It becomes quite evident Team USA is not getting along very well and they are a team only in name, at least at this point. Hendo tries to give the guys a pep talk and reinforce the concept of team work.

Team USA gets to choose the next fight which is a welterweight bout. They choose Damarques Johnson (13-6) to represent Team USA and they call out Dean Amasinger (4-1) from Team U.K. to fight him.

Prior to the welterweight match Team U.K. coach Michael Bisping is nowhere to be found. Team U.K. fighter, Dean Amasinger says, “I’m sure he has a good reason for not being here.” Dana White says the first time in nine seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, this is the first time a coach has not shown up for a fight. Clearly Dean Amasinger is upset his coach is not there.

(WW) Damarques Johnson vs. Dean Amasinger
Rd.1 – Damarques lands a good leg kick and then throws another that gets caught. He gets taken down but gets back up. Fight goes back down where Dean attempts a kimura. Damarques is in Dean’s guard trying to land some shots. Dean throws on a triangle, gets slammed but it only makes it tighter and Team U.K. gives up their first loss. Dean Amasinger defeats Damarques Johnson by triangle submission in round 1.

Bisping is still nowhere to be found. Damarques goes to the back room and cries and feels he let the team down. Team USA seems a little closer after the fight as they rejoice in their first win. However, in the previews for next week we see them go back to their old ways.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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