“M-1 Challenge: Brazil – Fourth Edition” set for May 9th

The “Fourth Edition” of the 2009 M-1 Challenge takes place this Saturday, May 9 in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Esporte Clube Síri. There will be 30 fighters competing in 15 fights during three head-to-head match-ups featuring six teams. It will be Bulgaria vs. Benelux, Russia Legion vs. Germany, and Brazil vs. Team Imperial.

Teams Germany and Russia Legion tied at 1-0, will be battling to move ahead, while Teams Brazil, Imperial, Bulgaria, and Benelux will all be looking for their first team victory.

For those interested in seeing the current 2009 M-1 Challenge standings and the records for each team you can check that out HERE. Here are the match-ups for “Fourth Edition:”

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The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs U.K. episode 5 recap

In this episode USA lightweight Santino Defranco (13-4) gets selected to fight Englishman Andre Winner (9-2-1).

Tempe, Arizona’s Santino Defranco reveals he originally tried out for TUF season 2 but was sent home because he had two brain aneurysms. Now he is back, all healed up, fighting for his chance to win a contract with the UFC.

(LW) Santino Defranco vs. Andre Winner
Rd.1 – Santino throws a couple of leg kicks. Santino shoots but gets stuffed. Andre lands a shot to the mid section. Santino gets stuffed again. Andre throws a few punches but nothing really connects. Leg kick Santino, and another. Andre swings, lands a body shot. Santino shoots and pulls guard as Andre sprawls. Santino uses rubber guard to control Andre. Andre slips out, stands up and pounds out Santino until the ref is forced to stop it. Andre Winner defeats Santino Defranco by TKO in round 1.

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Randy Couture, the soccer player?

What CAN’T Randy Couture do? Now the guy is playing soccer of all things.

Tuesday night saw the first match of the season for the Xtreme Couture indoor soccer team. Randy, his son Ryan, JJ Mix, and Xtreme Couture’s Muay Thai instructor, Joey Varner, are some of the two-sport stars.

Xtreme Couture won their first match of the season 5-4 with two goals scored by Randy, Joey Varner scored one, Stephen scored one, and JJ Mix scored one. At forty-five years old Randy not only plays soccer, he excels at it.

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