Graphic: Paul George injures leg in Team USA scrimmage game

NBA all-star and Indiana Pacer standout player Paul George maybe have suffered a leg injury that could change his entire career on Friday. George was playing in a scrimmage game for Team USA and went to defend a James Harden layup and came down in a weird position which caused the injury. Check the video … Read more

Beat The Streets Awards Gala, Tied To ‘The Rumble on the Rails,’ Raises Record Of $1.5 Million

For New York City Area Youth Wrestling and Education Programs Massive Support At Event At Bryant Park Grill Following Dual Meets Featuring USA-Iran-Russia At New York’s Grand Central Terminal NEW YORK, May 17, 2013 – A landmark day of wrestling and international cooperation was capped by an historic evening of celebration and philanthropy on Wednesday … Read more

The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K. episode 9 recap

Toothless Frank Lester of Team U.S. gets the opportunity to fight again after losing his first fight, to fill in for Jason Pierce who is sidelined due to some staph rash funk on his leg. Lester is picked to fight Team U.K.’s David Faulkner.

Coach Michael Bisping sprayed water from his water bottle on one of the Team U.S. fighters and there are a few words exchanged. Coach Bisping and Coach Henderson argue over training times.

For some odd reason David Faulkner has always had trouble keeping his mouthpiece in and somehow it is connected to his gag reflex. It became such a problem he visits a hypnotist to try and get help and we get to go along for the visit. Whatever works right?

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The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs U.K. episode 5 recap

In this episode USA lightweight Santino Defranco (13-4) gets selected to fight Englishman Andre Winner (9-2-1).

Tempe, Arizona’s Santino Defranco reveals he originally tried out for TUF season 2 but was sent home because he had two brain aneurysms. Now he is back, all healed up, fighting for his chance to win a contract with the UFC.

(LW) Santino Defranco vs. Andre Winner
Rd.1 – Santino throws a couple of leg kicks. Santino shoots but gets stuffed. Andre lands a shot to the mid section. Santino gets stuffed again. Andre throws a few punches but nothing really connects. Leg kick Santino, and another. Andre swings, lands a body shot. Santino shoots and pulls guard as Andre sprawls. Santino uses rubber guard to control Andre. Andre slips out, stands up and pounds out Santino until the ref is forced to stop it. Andre Winner defeats Santino Defranco by TKO in round 1.

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