PRO MMA ( is live and on the scene from the the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville Tennessee, for XFC 8: Regional Conflict. The main event will be broadcast live on HDNet at 9 PM Eastern.

Former WWE superstar, and recently signed MFC fighter Bobby Lashley will be presenting the XFC Featherweight Title to the winner of the main event fight between Jarrod Card and Bruce Connors.

Also on the card will be Tennessee MMA cult legend Jonathan Ivey taking on Christopher Barnett in a heavyweight showdown, and former University of Tennessee linebacker Ovince St. Preux will be taking on undefeated Ombey Mobley in a light heavyweight bout.

Keep it locked here at PRO MMA ( for live round by round coverage, and results from the entire fight card.

Davan Plaisance vs. Paul McEntee
Round 1 – Plaisance attacks with multiple shots in the clinch and is punishing McEntee early.  McEntee trying to control Plaisance with his plum clinch, but Plaisance powers through and gets the take down.  They are on the ground for a few seconds, before both fighters stand.

Back on the feet with a brutal exchange between the two fighters.  McEntee is bleeding from his face profusely, and is getting caught with big combos of 5 and 6 punches.  They disengage but Plasiance is stalking now looking for the finish.  McEntee still looking to control Plaisance with his plum clinch but is getting battered on his feet.  Plaisance landing huge shots to the bloodied McEntee.  

Another exchange from both, and McEntee lands a nice body shot, but is caught as he steps out with a big right hand.  McEntee to the clinch again looking to land knees to the body, but Plaisance creates some space and lands 6 straight punches to McEntee forcing him to drop to the canvas.  The ref steps in and stops the action in the first round.  Davan Plaisance defeats Paul McEntee by TKO (strikes)

Matt Traylor vs. Richard BoydRound 1 – Traylor gets the take down and is working in Boyd’s guard.  Traylor is walking Boyd to the cage and trying to get some separation to throw some strikes.  Traylor lands a couple of shots to the body and head, but Boyd is defending well from the bottom.

Traylor postures and throws some shots that miss, but is now starting to get some elbows in.  The action stalls and the referee steps in and stands the fighters up.  Both fighters exchange kicks and Boyd shoots for a takedown against the cage.  Boyd is still working for the takedown, as Traylor lands a few body shot while defending.  Boyd goes for the trip but gets taken down.  Traylor back on top in half guard and is landing some big left hands now.

Traylor continues with the grinding elbows as Boyd tries to kick him off.  Boyd is turtling up now and taking a beating.  Traylor looking for the finish with strikes to his downed opponent, as the referee steps in to stop the fight!  Matt Traylor defeats Richard Boyd by TKO. (strikes)

Dean Hamilton vs. Corey Krebs
Round 1 – We have a barn burner to start with both guys throwing bombs. The fighters clinch against the cage, and Hamilton lands a big shot that staggers Krebs. Hamilton is hunting Krebs, but Krebs keeps composed and lands a solid kick to the body.
Krebs is back in it landing another big kick, and catching Hamilton with a left hand. The tide has turned with Krebs landing a right, followed by a huge left hand that connects and KO’s Hamilton. The referee immediately steps in after the flash KO and officially ends the bout. Corey Krebs defeats Dean Hamilton by KO.

Christopher Barnett vs. Johnathan Ivey
Round 1 – Ivey sprints across the cage to start and lands two big leg kicks.  Barnett counters with a roundhouse kick, and the fight hits the ground.  Ivey is turtled up with Barnett landing shots.  Ivey rolls and goes for the heel hook.  Barnett trying to work out, and escapes.  Barnett now attacking in side control landing big shots.  Barnett ges the mount, and Ivey rolls and gives up his back.

Barnett throwing some shots to the body and head with Ivey turtled up.  Ivey finally rolls out and is on his back.  The referee stands them up after a lull in the action.  Barnett lands a stiff jab and follows up with an overhand right, and a flying knee.  Ivey counters and we have a war!  Ivey is urging Barnett to hit him with his hands on his hips.  Barnett shoots for a big take down against the cage and is now in half guard.  Barnett lands a couple of shots as the round ends.

Round 2 – Leg kick by Barnett to start the second round.  Barnett misses with a spinning back kick and Ivey takes a second to wipe his head off with relief, playing to the crowd.  After some more dancing by Ivey, he shoots for an ankle and ends up on his back again.  Barnett in the half guard trying to land some shots.   Short hammer fists by Barnett from the top.

Barnett now extends Ivey’s arm and works for the Americana, but Ivey escapes and is now going for Barnett’s arm.  Big elbow to the body of Ivey by Barnett.  After a stalemate on the ground, the ref stands the fighters up.  Big leg kick by Ivey, and the action is slowing a bit.  Barnett counters with a combo of his own, with Ivey countering with another leg kick.  Barnett steps in and lands a flying knee with 30 seconds left in the round.  Barnett goes to the plum clinch and lands 3 or 4 knees to the body of Ivey.

Round 3 – Barnett goes for another jumping spinning kick, and then closes, changes levels and takes Ivey back down again.  Barnett passes to side mount and is now working to isolate Ivey’s arm.  He now has an Americana locked in but is unable to finish it.  Barnett is still in a dominant position and working on the arm bar, but Ivey rolls out.  Ivey is now turtle up and getting tagged by Barnett from the top.  Ivey rolls again, and Barnett is now in half guard working the body and the head of Ivey.  

Back to the feet with Barnett on Ivey’s back.  Looks like it’s suplex time.  Barnett locks up his grip and sends Ivey on a ride to remember.  Ivey is turtled up again, and Barnett is landing big shots from the top.  With 10 seconds left in the fight, Ivey is flattened out taking shots.  Christopher Barnett defeats Johnathan Ivey by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27).  

Jason Wood vs. Derek Schiffer
Round 1 – Wood goes for an overhand but Schiffer drops and goes for the takedown elevating Wood over his head and slamming him to the canvas. High guard from the bottom by Wood, and he is working for the triangle. Schiffer pulls out of the triangle attempt, and lands a big left hand from the top. Schiffer passes guard, picks Wood up and slams Wood to the mat. Wood locks up a triangle from the bottom, and is working to finish it from the side. Schiffer works out and is now in Wood’s full guard.

Wood goes for the flying knee, and the fighters clinch and Schiffer gets the take down. Schiffer is back on top, with Wood working a very high guard from his back. Wood gets an arm and works for the finish, but Schiffer works out as the round ends.

Round 2 – Head kick by Wood misses, and he follows with a knee from the clinch. Schiffer lands a nice kick from the clinch that connects flush. Schiffer transitions to Wood’s back, but gets swept. Wood now in side control. Wood goes for an arm, but Schiffer scrambles out and they are back on their feet.

Wood is on his back with Schiffer standing over him and landing the occasional shot from the top. Wood working the high guard again with Schiffer is working to pass Wood’s guard. Schiffer lands two big shots from the standing position, then goes back to working on passing guard. Wood transitions to the triangle attempt again, but moves to the arm immediately.

After a lull, the ref stands them up and Wood comes forward with purpose and lands a big shot that staggers Schiffer. Wood continues with a big knee that lands clean, and follows up with a fight ending knee to the head of Schiffer knocking him out cold. Jason Wood defeats Derek Schiffer by KO

Ombey Mobley vs. Ovince St. Preux
Round 1 – St. Preuz shoots for the take down but Mobley defends well at first. St. Preux keeps working and gets the take down. Mobley is working a high guard from his back, as St. Preux is working to create space and lands some shots. St. Preux, stands and slams Mobley to the mat.

Mobley works back to his feet, but St. Preux is relentless in his attack and shoots for another takedown. St. Preux working short elbows from the top now, forcing Mobley to roll. St. Preux goes for an ankle and starts torqueing. Mobley trying to defend, but St. Preux stays working the foot and finishes with a toe hold. Ovince St. Preux defeats Ombey Mobley by submission.

Gerardo Julio Gallegos vs. CT Turner
Round 1 – Turner lands a couple of low kicks, and Gallegos counters with a stiff kick of his own. Turner is throwing his jab, with Gallegos landing clean kicks to the legs of Turner. Gallegos misses with a punch, and Turner counters with a right hand.

Turner changes levels and shoots for a double against the cage, and slams Gallegos to the mat. Turner is in side mount, Gallegos rolls, then both fighters get back to their feet. Turner is dropping his hands after his jabs but Gallegos has yet to capitalize. Turner shoots again for a take down, but Gallegos defends with his back against the cage.

The action has stalled as Turner is still working for the take down. Turner pulls Gallegos off the cage and slams him to the mat again. Turner quickly passes the guard of Gallegos forcing Gallegos to roll. Turner takes his back as Gallegos stands, with Turner on his back.

Gallegos fighting off the choke with 2 on 1 defense. Turner locks in the body triangle from the back, and Gallegos jumps backwards to the mat with Turner holding on. Turner is working for the rear naked choke with 10 seconds left in the round. Gallegos fights it off until the bell sounds.

Round 2 – Gallegos starts the second with a body shot. Both fighters exchange jabs. Gallegos moving forward now and lands a nice leg kick. Gallegos scores with a straight left, then Turner shoots for another take down. Gallegos defends nicely again, but gets pulled off the fence again and gets taken back down.

Turner now in Gallegos’s full guard. Gallegos pushes Turner off and stands up. A brief exchange between the two forces a mouth piece to go flying. Turner working for another take down, but exposes his neck. Gallegos locks in a guillotine and pulls guard going for the finish. Gallegos locks up his guard and finishes Turner with the choke. Gerardo Julio Gallegos defeats CT Turner by submission (guillotine).

Rafaello Oliveira vs. John Mahlow
Round 1 – Oliveira with the leg kick to start, then misses with the head kick. Oliveira misses with a big over hand right. Mahlow uses his punches to set up a nice take down. Mahlow working from the top, but Oliveira reverses and is now on top.

Mahlow trying to create space to get back up but Oliveira takes him back down against the cage. Mahlow tries to get back up again, but Oliveira gets the big slam. Oliveira posturing up and landing some big shots. Mahlow now working to control the arms of Oliveira from his back. He kicks Oliveira off briefly, but Oliveira is back in Mahlow’s guard quickly, and is now posturing up and landing big elbows.

Mahlow uses the cage to stand but eats a few punches in the process. Oliveira drops to the legs looking to get the fight back to the ground and does so. Oliveira throwing short elbows from the top again with 30 seconds left in the round. Oliveira looking to finish landing some huge shots at the end of the round. Mahlow survives as the bell sounds on Round 1.

Round 2 – Tentative start to the second, before Mahlow lands a stiff kick. Mahlow lands a high snapping kick and presses forward delivering punches. He works Oliveira to the ground is now on top. Oliveira working high for a possible triangle choke, but Mahlow defends nicely. Mahlow working on the pass, then drops for an ankle, and goes for the ankle lock.

Oliveira stands, then rolls but Mahlow still has the ankle. Oliveira clears Mahlow’s leg and steps back through and frees his leg. Oliveira now has Mahlow’s back and is working on the rear naked choke. Oliveira is softening Mahlow up with punches and looking for the choke in between shots. Mahlow defends and works back to his feet.

Both fighters clinch against the cage with 45 seconds left in the round. Mahlow working on the single and as the fight hits the ground, Oliveira scrambles, ends up in mount and starts the ground and pound. Mahlow manages to reverse but almost gets caught in a triangle with 10 seconds left in the round. He survives and we are going to round 3.

Round 3 – Leg kick by Mahlow is checked, and Oliveira counters with a right hand, closes the distance and goes for the clinch against the cage. Oliveira gets the big take down, but gives up an arm, and almost gets caught in a tight arm bar, before escaping. Back to the feet with Mahlow working for the take down. Oliveira defends, but Mahlow works Oliveira to the mat.

Oliveira working for the triangle, and as Mahlow defends, he lands two nice shots from the bottom. Mahlow passes Oliveira’s guard briefly, but is now caught in half guard. Mahlow with short elbows from half guard.

Oliveira is working to reverse, but Mahlow grabs a foot again. Oliveira works free and is back on top and landing shots. Oliveira now landing hammer fists and elbows from the top of the cut Mahlow. With 20 seconds to go, Mahlow goes for an armbar, but Oliveira escapes at the bell. Rafaello Oliveira defeats John Mahlow by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Jarrod Card vs. Bruce Connors- Featherweight Title Fight
Round 1 – Connors lands a nice jab, then follows with a stinging right hand. Card stays calm, shoots for a take down against the cage, elevates and slams Connors to the mat. Card goes for the choke and Connors doesn’t move for some time but works out, but is still on his back.

Card on top, with Connors controlling Card’s posture, preventing much damage. Not much action on teh ground, then Connors kicks Card off, but Card closes the gap and gets another take down. Card throwing punches from the standing position, then passes Connors’s guard.

Card in side control, postures and lands some big shots, but Connors works and gets his guard back. Connors working on creating space but Card is all over him. The fighters work to their feet, but Card lands a knee in the clinch forcing Connors to go back to his knees. Card gets caught in a guillotine choke, but Connors doesn’t secure it and Card is out.

Back to the feet, and now Connors is working for the take down. Card reverses position in the clinch with Connors’s back against the cage at the bell.

Round 2 – Connors with the push kick to start, and follows up with a jab. Card lands a jab as well, and Connors counters with a kick. Card takes the fight to the cage, and gets a double leg take down, taking the fight back down to the ground. Back to the feet, with Card landing more knees, forcing Connors to drop back to his knees.

Card working on getting to the back as Connors stands. Connors gets partially up but gets caught with another knee for his efforts. Card working to set up the anaconda choke, and gets the back instead. Connors now turtled up with Card on his back. Connors rolls and is looking for the rear naked choke.

Card locks it in and just as it seems Connors is done, he survives with 30 seconds to go. Card now in the full mount and looking to land shots as the bell sounds.

Round 3 – Connors lands a stiff jab, and follows up with a big right to the body. Card goes for the take down and gets caught in a tight guillotine. Connors looking for the finish, but Card escapes and is now on top landing big shots. More shots by Card from the top, forcing Connors to try to get to his feet.

Connors is back on his knees with Card controlling Connors’s body and landing body shots from the north/south position. Connors works to his feet, but Card works him back down again. Card transition to his back, and Connors rolls to try to get back to guard. Card is dropping elbows from the top now, and Connors gives up the back again.

Card is softening up with punches and flattens him out, locking in the rear naked with 10 seconds to go. Connors survives Round 3.

Round 4 – Connors misses with his jab, but lands a straight right. Card swinging but from too far outside. Connor’s counters with a big left hook. Connors moves forward with a 3 punch combo. Card steps in and throws a right, then steps back out. Card steps in and lands a solid punch to the body and follows with a left leg kick to the head of Connors.

Card lands a leg kick, but eats a huge right hand from Connors. Connors establishing his jab now and catches Card with two combos back to back. Huge exchange by the fighters as Card lands a big uppercut and swarms Connors. Connors counters with shots of his own. Connors is bleeding badly from his nose but is still in the fight.

Card lands another jab and is beating Connors to the punch. Connors misses with a kick upstairs, and both fighters throw at the bell.

Round 5 – Connors stings Card with a right hand and is swinging for the fences in the final round. Inside leg kick from Connors. Card is not as active this round so far, but is way ahead on the cards to this point. Card now stepping in for his jab, and following with the uppercut. Connors lands a solid body kick, but Card still looks fresh after four solid rounds.

Connors comes forward with a 4 punch combo, and follows up with a kick. Card misses with his jab, and Connors lands another leg kick. Connors lands another kick to the body and slips, but gets back to his feet quickly. Card throws a right hand, and Connors counters with another kick. Connors’s face is a mess, but he is coming forward with everything he has, and throws until the bell sounds. Jarrod Card defeats Bruce Connors by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46) for the XFC Featherweight Championship.

XFC 8: Regional Conflict Full Fight Card Quick Results:

Devan Plaisance defeats Paul McEntee by TKO (strikes) Round 1
Matt Traylor over Richard Boyd by TKO (strikes) Round 1
Corey Krebs defeats Dean Hamilton by KO, Round 1
Christopher Barnett over Johnathan Ivey by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

Main Card-
Jason Wood defeats Derek Schiffer by KO (strikes) Round 2
Gerardo Julio Gallegos over CT Turner by submission (guillotine) Round 2
Ovince St. Preux defeats Ombey Mobley by submission (toe hold) Round 1

Co-Main Event-
Rafaello Oliveira over John Mahlow by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

XFC Featherweight Championship-
Jarrod Card defeats Bruce Connors by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)

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