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Full Card:
UWC 135 Title Fight
Mike Easton vs. Josh Ferguson
(175) Reshad Woods vs. War Machine
(MW) Marcus Foran vs. Joey Kirwan
(MW) Ron Stallings vs. Damian Dantibo
(FW) Jose Villarisco vs. Mikey Lovato
(LW) Binky Jones vs. Frank Camacho
(LHW) Phil Davis vs. Terry Cohens
(MW) Kris McCray vs. Ronnie Wuest

Kris McCray vs. Ronnie Wuest
rd.1 – Kris McCray quickly takes control and takes the fight to the ground. After a powerful slam he is able to take the backand finish the fight with a rear naked choke. A very impressive performance for McCray who moves his record to 3-0 only 39 seconds into the fight
Kris McCray First Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 39 seconds

Phil Davis vs. Terry Cohens
rd.1 – Phil Davis gets caught with a jab. He follows up with a takedown directly to mount. From the mount he rains down right hands. Cohens tries to roll, but Davis maintains poistion. Davis goes for an americana lock, but he switch back to punches instead. He moves from mount to side control. Cohens regains half guard. Cohens covers up as Davis flurries with punches and elbows forcing Cohens to roll to his side and regain half guard. The former Penn State wrestler continues to strike, this time to the body. Cohens rolls and Davis takes the back with no hooks, his opponents rolls back to his back. Cohens finally rolls over and Mario Yamasaki stops the fight as more hard shots come down. Dominant performance by Davis.
Phil Davis First Round TKO (Referee Stoppage) 4:29

Binky Jones vs. Frank Camacho
rd.1 – Camacho counters a Jones low kick and drops him with a right hand. Binky gets guard and goes for an armbar. Camacho counters with a huge slam followed by elbows. Jones goes for a triangle, and Camacho passes to half. More elbows from Camacho. After more punches Camacho passes to side control, but Jones is able to scramble back to his feet. Jones catches a kick and finishes the single, but is caught in a guillotine. Camacho doesn’t have full guard and can’t finish. Jones gets back to his feet and knees in the clinch. He then rolls for a Kimura, but Camacho ends up in side control. Hard knee to the body. PRO MMA Score 10-9 Camacho
rd.2 – Camacho ducks a cross and lands one of his own. Binky shoots a high crotch, and is able to finish. Camacho stands against the cage, but is pressed against it by Jones. Thai knee from Camacho, and the fighters break. Camacho lands a hard right cross that drops Jones. The follow up ground and pound shots lay Jones out stiff.
Frank Camacho Second Round KO 1:56

Jose Villarisco vs. Mikey Lovato
rd.1 – High kick missed by Lovato. He shoots, but Villarisco lowers his level to defend. Lovato jumps in with a lead strike. Villarisco’s kick is caught by Lovato and he is taken down. Lovato fights off the guillotine and ends up in Villarisco’s guard. Lovato stuffs him against the cage, and eventually he passes to half guard and drops short elbows. Villarisco regains guard, but Lovato moves back to half. Continuous control from half guard as the crowd wants the hometown strike stood up, and Villarisco regains guard. A few elbow shots end the round. PRO MMA Score 10-9 Lovato
rd.2 – Lovato comes out in a low wrestle stance but he kicks. A jab lands for Villarisco. Overhand right from Lovato. Knee from Villarisco, and wrestler almost takes his back. He ends up back in Villarisco’s guard, he then stacks him up and passes to half and throws the same short elbows. Lovato goes for a guillotine from the top, but it only allows Villarisoc to get his guard back. It is short lived as Lovato ends up back in half. PRO MMA Score 10-9 Lovato
rd.3 – Villarisco comes forward with a counter combination, but it doesn’t score. The jab does, but only once. Another combination backs up Lovato, but doesn’t score clean. Villarisco throws a lots of feints, as Lovato gets on the bike. A hard body shot from Villariso drops Lovato. He follows up with hard ground and pound from the back, but Lovato gets back to his feet. Lovato shoots, but doesn’t get the takedown. Lovato is dropped again and he throws wildly from Lovato’s guard. Villarisco stands up and bring Lovato back. Villarisco throws, and Lovato drops to his butt. Lovato shoots, but Villarisco sprawls away. The commission rings the bell with more time left on the clock and Yamasaki stops the fight… It appears as if the time on score board was wrong, and the round was over. PRO MMA Score 10-9 Villarisco
Mikey Lovato Unanimous Decision 29-28 on all three score cards

Ron Stallings vs. Damian Dantibo
rd.1 – High kick lands for Dantibo, and he follows it up with a right/left combination that drops Stallings. Two more shots to the down opponent and the fight is almost immediately over.
Damian Dantibo Round 1 KO 13 seconds

Marcus Foran vs. Joey Kirwan
rd.1 – Inside leg kick from Kirwan. Foran pushes him up against the cage with a double and gets it. Kirwan holds the guillotine even though Foran is passed guard. He regains guard, but Foran stands and shakes him off. Kirwan goes for a leg lock, but doesn’t get it. Foran takes his back with both hooks and looks for the choke. It looks locked in, but Kirwan will not tap. Kirwan rolls out, and ends up on top in Foran’s half guard. Foran tries to stand and he is caught in a tight guillotine and taps rights away.
Joey Kirwan First Round Submission (Guillotine Choke)

Reshad Woods vs. War Machine
rd.1 – Woods thows a right hand, and Machine rushes in for a double leg takedown, but it is stuffed. Woods bounces around in a thai stance and score with a thai knee. Machine counters over the top with a right, but gets takedown by Woods. They scramble back to their feet and throw. Woods pushes Machine up against the cage and lands some more thai knees. Machine looks hurt, but fights bck and puts Woods on the cage and gets the takedown to half guard. Machine passes to half, but Woods immediately puts him back in half. Woods get guard. Body triangle from the bottom. Machine thrwos to the body from the guard and tries to pass. Woods gets back to his feet and throws a knee and a high kick. On the kick he ends up on his back with Machine in his guard. Machine throws the feet passes and punches to the face, and then he mounts mometarily before going back to half guard. PRO MMA Score 10-9 War Machine
In between rounds Machine smiles at Woods’ fans and bounces to the music.
rd.2 – Both fighters throw, but nothing scores. Woods rushes in and gets caught with a shot. War Machine comes in and gets caught with a heavy knee from Woods, but he get the takedown. He works for mount, but gets knee on belly position. He then gets mount. Woods give up in back, but then stands. He slams War Machine to the mat, but then makes him stand. Woods throws more knees from the thai clinch. War Machine gets a leg trip takedown, and ends up in half guard. Elbows and a right hand to the face from the top for Machine. War Machine mounts, and then takes the back with one hook. He digs for the second hook and delivers strike from over under control. Finally the choke is locked in, but woods pulls down the hand above his head. War Machine reapplies the choke and the fight is stopped.
War Machine Round 2 Submission (Rear naked choke) 4:15

Mike Easton vs. Josh Ferguson
rd. – Low kick from Easton. Ferguson rushes in for a takedown. He gets Easton to the mat, but he uses the wizar to quickly get back to his feet. Easton presses Ferguson against the cage and lands a few knees. Ferguson reverses and puts Easton on the cage, but Easton continues to knee. A strong knee from the clinch. Easton defends a takedown with the wizar again. Another knee followed by a flurry from Ferguson. Jumping knee from Ferguson. Body shots from the clinch for Easton. Easton goes for a throw, but ends up on his own back. He goes for a triangle, but doesn’t get close. Easton gets feet on hips and goes from a kimura from the bottom but doesn’t get it. Easton sits up and locks in a guillotine choke that ends the fight.
Mike Easton First Round Submission (Guillotine Choke) 4:06