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UFC 97: Redemption

Main Card:
Anderson Silva def. Thales Leites by unanimous decision
Mauricio Rua def. Chuck Liddell by KO
Cheick Kongo def. Antoni Hardonk by TKO
Luis Arthur Cane def. Steve Cantwell by unanimous decision
Krzysztof Soszynski def. Brian Stann by submission (kimura)
Preliminary Card:
Eliot Marshall def. Vinny Magalhaes by unanimous decision
Denis Kang def. Xavier Foupa-Pokam by unanimous decision
Nate Quarry def. Jason MacDonald by TKO
Ed Herman def. David Loiseau by unanimous decision
Mark Bocek def. David Bielkheden by submission (RNC)
T.J. Grant def. Ryo Chonan by split decision
Sam Stout def. Matt Wiman by unanimous decision

Steve Cantwell (205) vs. Luis Arthur Cane (206)
rd.1 – Both fighters trade low kicks. High kick from Cantwell. Cane stalking in with jabs and combos. Low kick by Cane followed by some punches. Uppercut from Cane. Cantwell’s nose looks busted. Elbow by Cane. Muay thai plum from Cane and lands some knees. High kick from Cantwell blocked. Combo from Cantwell blocked mostly. Cantwell with some good head motion. Body shot from Cane. Low kick by Cantwell. Close round hard to call. 10-9 for Cane.
rd.2 – Nice straight shots from Cane land clean. Again eating straight shots. Cantwell defending well but not landing much at the moment. Cantwell lands a body shot and a kick. Right hand by Cantwell connects solid. Big left high kick connects to Cane’s head. Left shot to Canes head lands solid. The round ends with both guys trading. Cantwell gets that round 10-9.
rd.3 – Cantwell looking more comfortable, lands a high kick. Low kick from Cantwell. Cane lands some combos and a kick. This has been primarily a kick boxing match with no clinching or take downs. Head kick from Cantwell. Kne to the body from Cane. Straight right from Cantwell. Cantwell lands a combo and Cane looks at changing levels for a moment. Cane landing some nice punches. Nice high kick from Cantwell. Cantwell lands a couple of nice jabs before the bell. Round very close, hard to call. I’ll give it to Cane. Official result is Luis Cane wins by Unanimous Decision.

Cheick Kongo (232) vs. Antoni Hardonk (249)
rd.1 – High kick from Hardonk misses. Low kick from Hardonk lands solid on Kongo’s leg.  Another low kick from Hardonk. Leg kick from Kongo. Big leg kick from Hardonk. Body shot from Kongo. Kongo catches Hardonk’s leg and Hardonk falls to his back. Kongo lets him up. They clinch against the cage. Kongo takes Hardonk to his back lands some elbows and ground and pound.  Bell sounds with Kongo on top in Hardonk’s guard. 10-9 round for Kongo.
rd.2 – Body kick from Kongo. Body punch from Kongo knocks Hardonk to his back. Kongo goes down into Hardonk’s guard and starts landing some shots. Hammer fists by Kongo and elbows. Big punches from Kongo. Hardonk is bleeding from the nose.  Kongo lands some good punches, moves to side control, Hardonk covers up and the referee jumps in to stop it. Cheick Kongo defeats Antoni Hardone by TKO at 2:29 of round 2.

Krzysztof Soszynski (204) vs. Brian Stann (206)
rd.1 – Nice body shot by Sos. Leg kick by Stann. combo from Stann and a leg kick. Sos drives in with a double leg and puts Stann against the cage on his back. Sos mounts Stann. Sos goes to side control. Sos picks him up and puts Stann down again. Sos going for a kimura but lets it go, goes for it again and gets it. Stann taps. Krzysztof Soszynski defeats Brian Stann by submission (kimura) at 3:53 of round 1.

Chuck Liddell (206) vs. Mauricio Rua (206)
rd.1 – Here we go. Nice leg kick from Shogun. chuck is being patient. Looks comfortable. Chuck lands some nice combos. Shogun is covering up. Shogun fires back with a right that lands. Right leg kick by Shogun as Chuck lands some shots. Another good exchange. Shogun takes Chuck down but Chuck gets up. Shogun goes for a leg lock but Chuck is out. Shogun clinches. Chuck is out and they square up again. Chuck runs forward and lands some shots. Shogun wings a right hand over the top and again. Liddell gets the takedown but stands back up. Shogun rushes in with a left hand than connects solid and Chuck goes out flat to his back. Shogun follows up with some big hammer fists with his right hand as Chuck tries to get up. It’s over. It could be the very last time we see Chuck Liddell in the Octagon. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua KO’s Chuck Liddell in 4:28 of round 1.

Sam Stout (155) vs. Matt Wiman (155)
rd.1 – Head kick by Wiman followed by a nice right hand that connects. Wiman gets the takedown and is all over Stout. Stout tries to stand using the cage but Wiman puts him back down. Superman punch by Wiman. Wiman lands a right and goes for a guillotine but loses and now is on his back. Wiman gets up. Stout firing back now, lands an uppercut. The guys have one more exchange before the bell sounds. Wyman 10-9.
rd.2 – Stout lands a left hook and exchange kicks. Wiman lands a nice right. Lef leg kick by Stout. Wiman takes Stout’s back but it up and and is sliding off. Wiman ends up on his back with Stout in his guard. Elbows from Stout. Wiman gets up, they exchange shots. Left hook followed by a body shot and a right leg kick from Wiman. Big lef shot from Stout. Front kick from Stout. Head kick by Stout. Wiman’s hands are dropping. Stout connects with a punch and Wiman drops. Stout goes in for the attack and Wiman goes for an arm bar. Stout lands a body shot. Right hand by Stout. Stout 10-9.
rd.3 – Wiman runs in swinging and eats a big shot. Big leg kick from Wiman. Wiman shoots in goes for a take down but Stout sprawls and pounds his body. Wyman takes Stout’s back and has his body locked with a figure four. Stout is fighting off the rear naked choke. Stout escapes and spins and now is on top in Wiman’s guard. Wiman gets up. Stout throws a kick and Wiman catches it pushes forward and gets the take down. Wiman landing some shots from Stout’s guard. Stout puts his back against the cage and wants to stand up. Wiman puts him back down. Wiman swings as the bell sounds. Wiman 10-9. Official score is (29-28,29-28,29-28 for Stout) Sam Stout defeats Matt Wyman by unanimous decision.

Anderson Silva (182) vs. Thales Leites (185)
rd.1 – They are squaring up, no dancing. Anderson is waiting. Thales is waiting. Nothing has been thrown. Silva throws a left jab. Thales jumps in with a kick. Silva is hanging back and waiting. Left jab by Silva. Silva coming in throws an uppercut. Silva switches stances, throws a punch and a kick. Big leg kick by Leities Head kick by Leites that is partially blocked. Body punch by Silva. Leities throws a overhand punch that misses. Knee by Leites misses. Leg sweep by Silva. Leites shoots and grabs a leg Silva pops him in the face with a shot.Leites has the clinch. 10-9 Silva.
rd.2 – Leg kick by Leites. Leites shoots in and puts Silva on his back. Silva has Leites leg tied up and now moves into full guard of Silva. Silva locks his legs around Leites. Leites stands up and etas an up kick. Silva attacking from the bottom. Silva is back to his feet. Leites is back up now too. Silva waiting. Both guys pacing themselves. Silva lands a straight right. Leg kick from Silva followed by a left punch. Leg kick from Silva is blocked. Leg kick from Silva. 10-9 Silva.
rd.3 – Silva moving a bit faster now looks warmed up. Silva throws a punch. Leites is on the ground. Ref lets him stand up. Right hand by Leites. Leites eats one and is on his back again but ref lets him up again. Leites shoots and Silva sprawls it easily. Ref lets him up. Leg kick by Silva. Leg kick Silva. Leg kick Silva. Leites falls to his back again. Ref lets him up. Leg kicks from Silva. Right hand by Leites is dodged. Body kick by Silva. Knee and right hand by Leites misses. Silva throws a punch and Leites lays down on his back. Head kick by Silva. Silva is setting him up with shots. Right hand by Silva. Leites looks overwhelmed emotionally maybe. Goes for a weak takedown attempt.
rd.4 – Silva is landing a sidekick to the knee. That is a knee break strike. Thales throws a righ but misses. Big leg kick by Silva. Silva is having fun, big right hand by Silva, head kick by Silva. Leg stomp by Silva. Silva with another knee stomp followed by a leg sweep. Thales swings and Silva moves. Thales shoots but Silva sprawls. Leg stomp by Silva. Left jab by Silva. Thales shoots to no avail. Ref stands him up.
rd.5 – First time Silva has been to the fifth round. Leites is pushing forward and eats a leg kick. Leites shoots and gets a hold of his leg, Silva gets out and punches him in the face. Ref stands him up. Leites is bleeding. Spinning side kick connects by Silva. Leites shoots and gets shrugged to the ground. Leg stomp by Silva. Silva dances. Leites throws a kick and it is caught by Silva. Ref lets him up off his back. Thales swings and falls to his back. Leites swings and misses and the bell sounds. Silva 10-9. Anderson Silva defeats Thales Leites by unanimous decision.

7 thoughts on “UFC 97: Redemption – results & play by play”
  1. Is it me or does Anderson just seem bored as hell. My picks for this event suck balls BTW!

  2. I’m sorry but Matt Wiman got robbed, I know it was close but that was definitly some home cookin from the judges (and yes I know they aren’t from Canada but still). Any other fight when it’s close between the strikes the fighter with the takedowns always gets the nod. Oh and yea I did pick Shogun.

  3. Matt Wiman did get robbed. I think Silva didn’t want to hurt a fellow Brazilian too bad. Silva fights on his terms no one elses.

  4. I agree 100 % with that. It’s just a theory, but I honestly believe Silva just wanted to go five rounds because he likes to fight and he knew he could put Leites away anytime so he decided to fight all the rounds. I mean he did spar after the Cote fight so it’s not that far fetched.

  5. Who knows what goes on his mind, I like that he is not concerned about living up to others’ expectations and he does what he needs to do. I enjoy watching him fight and perform, he just does the craziest stuff and is always being creative. I just think it’s funny they can’t find anyone to beat him.

  6. It is kinda funny that really no one even test him. After this fight though I think they will hope that someone will beat him, I know Dana White was probably mad that it went down like it did.

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