Pro MMA Radio” radio host Larry Pepe had two guests this week in his ‘Toe-to-Toe” segment. Cole Miller who is coming off a win over Junie Browning at UFC Fight Night 18 in Nashville and Joseph Benavidez who is coming off a win over Jeff Curran at WEC 40 were both guests on “Pro MMA Radio” episode 43 (4/13/09).

Cole Miller talked to Larry about how the bad blood between he and Junie Browning originally started. Prior to Cole’s fight with Junie, he made the comment Junie was the lowest level opponent he has been matched up with in the UFC. Cole still holds the same low opinion of Junie after their fight.

Cole said he did not watch “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir” in which Junie Browning was a contestant. However, he has heard the stories about “the Lunatik.”

Cole broke down his fight with Junie at “UFN 18.” Evidently, prior to their fight, Junie had been talking about Cole’s lack of stand up skills, so Cole was surprised when Junie shot in so quickly. According to Cole, he felt Junie was uncomfortable in the cage from the start, felt maybe he was overwhelmed, and got the impression Junie did not want to be in there.

The guys went on to discuss some remarks Junie made after the fight in which he said he felt he was still better than Cole on the ground but just got “caught on the way to the ground.” When asked why he thinks Junie said that, Cole replied, “Because he’s stupid. He’s a very inexperienced, not intelligent fighter.”

You know you are committed to your MMA school when you get a tattoo of it. Cole discussed how important American Top Team has been for him not only as a fighter but also as a person and talked about the ATT tattoo he got after his win over Jorge Gurgel and why.

Larry’s second guest for “Pro MMA Radio” episode 43 was Team Alpha Male member and Urijah Faber protege, Joseph Benavidez.

Joseph’s first fight in the WEC was against Danny Martinez at WEC 37 in December 2008. Joseph talked about those “first time jitters” fighters get, and he experienced, going into his WEC debut.¬†

When Jeff Curran moved down to the WEC bantamweight division he had his heart set on fighting Miguel Torres for the title. However, to get that fight, his first order of business was to get through Joseph Benavidez. Joseph reflected on the possibility Curran was looking past him and if that bothered him at all.

When asked if Joseph was ready for a title fight with Miguel Torres, he said basically, you are never really ready for a guy like Torres, but if he had to take that fight right now, he thinks he would do well and he would not get beat up. He did admit, if it were up to him, he would like to get a bit more experience and at least get one more fight before getting in the cage with Torres. That is not only understandable, it is intelligent.

Larry finished up by talking with Joseph about his mentor, Urijah Faber, and what his attitude and mentality has been like since losing the WEC Featherweight Title to Mike Brown. Joseph said Urijah always looks for the positive in things, he has a lot to be happy about, he does not dwell on the negative, and also feels it is only a matter of time before he wins the title back.

To hear the entire broadcast of “Pro MMA Radio” episode 43 and and the interviews with both Cole Miller and Joseph Benavidez go HERE. You can listen to Pro MMA Radio with host Larry Pepe live every Monday night at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST or listen to their archives any time at

By:  Jack Bratcher

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