PRO MMA ( just received this new video of Jason Guida preparing for his upcoming fight with Bobby Lashley this Saturday night March 21st in the Roy Jones Jr. promoted hybrid boxing/MMA card entitled, “March Badness” in Pensacola, Florida. Guida also shares his thoughts on his opponent who used to be a professional wrestler with WWE. Guida says he feels sorry for Lashley due to his age and lack of MMA experience.

2 thoughts on “Jason Guida shares his thoughts on Bobby Lashley”
  1. I seriously hope that Guida is just hyping the fight, because if he honestly thinks the way he talks, he may get critically injured. He has never faced anyone with Lashley’s size, raw talent, and strength, and could end up being the first MMA fatality if he’s not careful.

  2. This guy Jason Guida needs to check Bobby’s past before he says the anything about Big Bob…LOL I am thinking 47 seconds KO Round 1 Bobby Lashley 2-0!

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