VASELINE-GATE – an in-depth investigation

Someone has taken a lot of time and effort to put together these videos of the “VASELINE-GATE” story. You may not agree with everything shown or you may feel there is a bit of bias to the videos but they are interesting nonetheless.

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8 thoughts on “VASELINE-GATE – an in-depth investigation”

  1. notice where nurse is rubbing? in between his shoulder blades.

    notice where his legs are on gomi? the middle of his back.

    i watched 30 seconds of the first video.

  2. also, notice the knee braces penn is wearing.. if that isn’t giving him more grip on gomi’s sweaty body.. well …..

  3. Very interesting video, seems like people are destined to prove GSP cheated. The only thing I disagree with is using Jens Pulver and Gomi as examples. Both of those guys are lighweights with pulver now fighting at 145. I know bj’s guard is awesome but GSP is so much stronger than those guys it’s not comparible. Also how many times do you hear joe rogan during a fight say it’s going to be tough for that guy to submit the other because they are both so slippery. And if anybody has ever grappled they know it too. Bottom line though everybody agrees that his cornerman was wrong and it’s not right.

  4. BJ Penn fans will never admit defeat if it isn’t the vaseline, it would be the the GSP sweats to much for BJJ guys, or his wrestling skills are too good, or GSP’s stiking is an unfair advantage, or GSP should not be allowed to fake punches, takedowns, or kicks because BJ can’t react quick enough…..etc. Get over it he lost! you can have your rematch after he loses to Kenny, and after GSP/Alves.

  5. This video is such bullshit. It’s obvious from the outset that it’s only trying to do one thing, which is to demonize GSP’s for his spectacular domination of BJ. All the video editor did was cherry-pick a bunch of clips that make BJ’s guard look good against everyone but GSP.

    I watched this fight against Gomi again just now to see what was left out. Throughout the first round when Gomi was in BJ’s guard, BJ tries to use his extra special high guard and it repeatedly slips off when Gomi postures up…this is in the first round before they’re barely sweating. In the second round BJ only holds the high guard position for a few seconds at a time, no longer than in the GSP fight. The only reason Gomi doesn’t slip out entirely is because BJ is holding onto his neck. When GSP postures up to escape the high guard BJ lets go of his feet and then his feet spring apart when GSP pushes down on BJ’s torso to free himself.

    If you watch the BJ vs GSP fight again you can also see that BJ rarely attempts the closed guard after the first round because he is exhausted. So GSP is so greasy that BJ can’t even keep his feet locked together to close the guard?

  6. The maker of this video is an idiot Different fighter, different fight. GSP is a better fighter than Gomi, much larger and considerably more powerful.

    Penn isn’t exactly a spring chicken as far as fighters go and how he performed at a lighter weight many years ago has no bearing on his fight with GSP.

    This video is biased and suffers from selective editing.

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