UFC lightweight, Josh “The Dentist” Neer rang in the new year by celebrating in a Polk County jail cell. Neer was arrested early this morning in Des Moines, Iowa on charges of operating a vehicle while Intoxicated, eluding police, hit and run and other traffic violations.

“The Dentist” was released at 8:26 central time after two separate bonds of $2,000 and $5,000 for OWI and eluding police.

The incident began after Neer allegedly rear ended a car stopped at a red light. The car, after being hit by Neer, struck a police car that had been stopped ahead of it. The Miletich product then drove out into on coming traffic and the chase was on from there.

Police officers pursued Neer’s Audi in speeds exceeding 100 mph for fifteen minutes. Authorities ended the chase by laying down spike strips, blowing out one of Neer’s tires in the process.

According to Sherdog.com, Neer’s manager Mickey Dubberly claims his client’s description of the event differs from statements made by the police. Sgt. David Coy stated, “He hit a car with a driver in it that was behind a police car at a stop light.”

Dubberly says that Neer had stepped out of his vehicle to check for damage to the car he struck. When he saw no damage, he continued driving but then panicked after a squad car began pursuing him.

Dubberly also claims that officers physcially struck Neer and that his client had bruises on several parts of his body after the chase ended.

Neer is scheduled to face Mac Danzig at UFC Fight Night 17 in Tampa, Florida on Feburary 7th.

-Matt De La Rosa

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  1. I’m sure the dentist public relations team put a positive spin on this story somehow. But being chased by the cops? Puhleeze! Learn from other sports celebrities and just take your punishment with grace.

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