“Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world.” We hear this phrase all the time.

Critics ask, “Is MMA getting more popular or is it just the UFC?” The answer is, MMA is becoming more and more popular.

The proof of MMA’s rising popularity is evident in places like Chicago, Illinois where a brand new MMA organization entitled Mayhem Promotions recently held it’s very first fight card: “Disorderly Conduct” with over fifteen hundred fans in attendance.

Mayhem Promotions was founded by Jeff and Joe Albin. In March they began putting together the pieces of the puzzle that allowed them to hold their very first event on December 6, 2008 at the Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

Their first show was an amateur event. They expect to hold three or four amateur events prior to stepping up to pro.

Jeff Albin told us at PRO MMA (www.promma.info) that over the course of their first several shows, Mayhem Promotions intends on finding fighters from the Midwest they can build a solid pro event around. Some of the guys that fought at Disorderly Conduct are just about ready to go pro. So their intention is to “scout, build up these fighters’ experience, win or lose, with quality matched opponents, and in the end see what these guys are made of. If we like what we see after a show or two, we intend on signing them to pro fight contracts.”

The game plan for Mayhem Promotions is to continue to build capital through ticket, apparel and sponsor sales and when financially ready for a pro event, they intend on making a huge splash in the MMA community. Albin says, “Chicago and the Midwest deserves to be home to a big, well maintained,
respected MMA promotions company. And that’s our goal.”

Mayhem Promotions plans to hold four or five events in 2009. As of today, the next show is not scheduled but they plan to announce a date and venue before the first of the year. They are shooting for early or mid-March.

Albin mentioned several standout fighters that participated in “Disorderly Conduct” who they would love to have back to fight again:
– Chris Lane – Hawkeye Wrestling Club
– Mike Morrissey – unattached
– Greg Reddington – MBD Martial Arts
– John Grabowski – Team No Ego
– Pat Consago – EIU Wrestling Room
– Kamil Broda – MBD Martial Arts
– John Diekman – unattached
– Ed Carpenter – EIU Wrestling Room

Jeff and Joey Albin
Jeff and Joey Albin

Albin was very pleased with the results of their first event on Dec. 6. All the fights were competitive and exciting and Jeff gave his brother Joe the credit for putting the matches together. Several fights went the distance and there were some great knockouts as well as some very technical submissions.

Here were a few of the highlights from Disorderly Conduct:
– Mike Morrissey’s TKO (strikes) of Rodney Nelson, was definitely a crowd pleasing fight. This was a super heavyweight match up, and lived up to the expectation we had set forth.
– Greg Reddington decision win over Dan Aguirre was very competitive going all three rounds.
– Pat Consago won a split decision over John Grabowski, very exciting fight. The decision could have gone either way, and some times that is what you want, so the crowd is into it.

Here are the official results from Mayhem Promotions: Disorderly Conduct 1
Justin Smith 4/17/80 defeated Dan Fash 11/13/79 via TKO Referee Stoppage Due to Strikes
1:30 Round 1

Mike Morrisey 11/12/87 defeated Rodney Nelson 6/4/66 via KO :55 Seconds Round 1

Hector Garcia 10/19/89 defeated Kaine Shields 8/20/89 via Tko Referee Stoppage Due to Strikes 1:57 Round 1

Greg Peddington 8/27/90 defeated Dan Aguirre 7/27/90 via unanimous decision 30 – 27

Dustin Allen 10/17/82 defeated Jason Bragg 8/23/79 via TKO Referee Stoppage Due to Strikes 1:21 Round 1

John Diekman 8/22/88 defeated Kareem Abbed 1/13/81 via KO 1:50 Round 1

Pat Consago 8/29/85 defeated John Grabowski 6/11/81 via unanimous decision 29 – 28

Doug Fick 1/29/89 defeated Kaleb Shields 1/1/87 via TKO Referee Stoppage Due to Strikes :09 Seconds Round 2

Ed Carpenter 12/26/86 defeated Jeremy Moore 9/9/74 via TKO Referee Stoppage Due to Strikes :23 Seconds Round 1

Albert Torres 9/9/70 defeated Bob Palazola 6/18/85 via Tap Out Due to North South Choke 1:43 Round 3

Chris Lane 8/15/85 defeated Ken Kirby 12/17/78 via Verbal Submission Due to Arm Bar :19 Seconds Round 1

Albin really stressed that Mayhem Promotions singular goal is to be a proponent to the sport of MMA and especially in the Midwest. “We not only have a great talent pool in the region, we have great fans that deserve a show put on by local guys. More importantly local fans! That’s how we base our events, did Joe and I, as “fans first” enjoy the event? If the answer is yes (which it was), than we’re

Jeff Albin gave a special thanks to Robert Hinds and his team at Combat Consulting for sanctioning their first event and helping to make it run so smoothly.
You can learn more about Mayhem Promotions and keep up with their news and future event announcements at www.mayhempromotions.com.

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