X1 World Events Mixed Martial Arts action took place at the O’Lounge Night Club in Hawaii on November 21, 2008. After their May event, the X1 staff decided to end the year with three smaller venues to showcase newer talent.

From these small shows, X1 has found themselves some new names to add to their Blaisdell shows in 2009. In September we saw pro fighters Vili Fonokalafi (250), Brad Tavares (185) and Justin Mercado (145) shine as did amateur standout Sean Sakata (170), In October Isaiah Cobb-Adams (140) made his comeback, while Kana Hyatt (135) and Brandon Visher (145) continued their winning ways. Amateur fighter Nalu Jones (205) and Jorey Baysinger (205) should tremendous heart in there three round war.

Ending the year in exciting fashion Thaddeus Malbreaux and Brysen Hansen fought a 3 round war Friday night with numerous takedowns and an exciting toe to toe stand up war that had Hansen’s face bloodied in the third round. Ultimately Brysen Hansen took home the split decision. Malbreuax though is an exciting addition to X1’s 145lb weightclass.

The 135lb Amateur MMA title finally found a home, after a number of matches fell through earlier this year, Iha finally got his chance at it and submitted Maui’s Gerald Gamit quickly in rd 1. Iha’s teammate Eddie Ohia fought to a draw against kickboxing champion Bryson Okada. Okada got two takedowns early in the first round but Ohia fought his way back in the second round.

Comedic Maui fighter Javin Santos controlled top position in the first round but then gave it away to Treston Rabellisza in the second round after falling twice on his back. Their bout ended in a draw after 2 rounds. Icon Fitness fighter Dustin Kimura’s keys to victory were his ability to stay away from Elijah Manners heavy heands and his multiple submission attempts. Ricky Stallworth stuffed numerous takedowns from Mark Tupas earning him the decision win. Also Sydney Silva student Nate Haring used some ground and pound leaving his opponent Mike Guillermo unable to continue after the first round.

Samson Kapuwai stopped the very game Kalani Saloricman. In triple threat action Ata Tivao stalked Shaun Shepard in the early part of their bout but Shepard closed the distance when he reversed Tivao in the third round, Tivao able to get the decision win. Zack Shepard dominated Shane Bothello in the first and second round then locked in the triangle choke to finish the fight. Lufasiitu Leupolu dislocated his shoulder in round 1 giving Masi Ili the tko win at 1:23 of rd 1.

In Boxing Isaac Arasato’s body attack once again proved too much, this time against veteran fighter Ryan Lee. It was constant pressure from Peni Taufaao that won him his pro boxing debut against Neil Sabbaghi. Also veteran fighter Harris Sarmiento went the distance with Michael Balasi in their exhibition bout. Balasi attacked Sarmiento’s body early inthe fight but Sarmiento a veteran of over 50 pro fights keptup with Balasi’s pace and traded shots all three rounds. Look for Sarmiento to make his pro boxing debut sometime in 2009.

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  1. I go to everysingle fight my brother fights in. It seem the next time I go to the fights might not have any one there to cheer on the fighters. 1 because people who come and support are saying its not a fare fight. we are the one’s who are standing out side the ring and we see things that the judges don’t see but thats ok. the thing that are wrong is we know who supposed to win. but when they don’t want certain fighters go up they call it a draw.WHAT UP WITH THAT!. THEY TRAIN SO HARD TO MAKE A NAME FOR THEM SELF. BUT BECAUSE THEY ONLY WANT CERTAIN FIGHTERS THE ONE WHO TRAIN SO HARD LOSE OUT!

  2. Samson Kapuwai talks too much and acts like tough but he is a gay. He asked me out for dinner. LOL. He’s into guys… What a homo. Im a guy and i like girls.

    Anyway the Hawaii MMA is fun and a great night of fun. Just ruined by a homo who’s asking guys out.

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