Could you be the next Gina Carano?

There is a new untitled reality show in the works and they are casting female MMA fighters. The show has reportedly already received interest from a major cable network.

You don’t have to be a pro mixed martial arts fighter but you need to be a “reasonably” well trained female fighter who has had a few amateur fights.

They are looking for attractive female MMA fighters between the ages of 18 and 28 to interview for a TV pilot.

It could be a good opportunity for exposure and the concept was created by a successful casting director and executive producer who has worked for MTV, G4, Fox Reality, and more.

For full information on the casting call or how to send in a video of yourself, ladies can check out

One thought on “Casting Call for Female MMA Fighters”
  1. Although any exposure is welcome, I query 2 things –

    1.why is 28 the cut-off point and not mid-30’s? Ken Shamrock himself only embarked on his career at 30. Is the would-be contestant is well-trained, in good condition and has a good fight record, shouldn’t she be given the chance to participate?

    2.why do the ladies have to be attractive? Surely this show is about representing athletes, not beauty queens?

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