by: Jack Bratcher

It’s been a long time since one fight has garnered so much attention.

Every MMA site and news source that covers MMA is focused on Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar. has basically become

What makes this fight so interesting are all the story lines associated with it.

We have Randy who is returning to the cage after a fifteen month layoff.

Lesnar, a former pro wrestler, is fighting for the UFC Heavyweight Title after only three pro fights.

There’s the size difference; Randy clocked in at 220 pounds on Thursday and Lesnar tipped the scales at 265 pounds.

Brock is 31 years old; Randy is 45.  Both guys are freaks of nature in their own right.

The list of reasons why this bout is so intriguing goes on.

According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the expected base salaries of Couture and Lesnar are $250,000 each.

If victorious, Lesnar will reportedly receive a $200,000 win bonus compared to that of Couture who will receive an extra $250,000 if he pulls off the win.

It’s almost time. Tonight we will either have a brand new UFC Heavyweight Champion or Randy Couture will once again defy all logic.

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