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Kalib Starnes went to his press conference today for his scheduled bout with Kala “Kolohe” Hose on Saturday at Destiny’s Pier Fighter 1 in Hawaii.

However, there was someone notably missing from the event; namely, his opponent Icon Middleweight Champ, Kala Hose.

A representative for Hose did attend in his stead and offered several excuses for his fighter’s absence.

Hose later released a statement on MMAHawaii:

On October 14, 2009 I signed a contract with Destiny that clearly stated the contest would be three three-minute rounds of mixed martial arts (MMA). Most professional MMA bouts are three five-minute rounds, so I immediately questioned Destiny’s promoter about the shortened rounds. At that time he assured me that the three-minute round scheduling was correct. I accepted the terms of the shorter rounds, as shorter rounds favored my style and because my training was limited by a recent leg injury. My coaches and team set forth on a game plan and an intense training program specifically designed for the three-minute round format.

Hose stated that the bout was originally supposed to be three three-minute rounds but the promoters of Destiny changed it to three-five minute rounds.

Although Kalib Starnes’ manager in an effort to save the match agreed for Starnes to fight at whatever time limit Hose preferred, it seems Hose was not satisfied so he pulled out of the fight.

Starnes had this to say about the spokesperson for Hose, “He said that Kala Hose was having a contract dispute. Then he said in the same statement that he had stopped training a few weeks ago. Then he said that he had hurt his leg.”

It appears that unbeaten Dylan Clay may step in on short notice to face Starnes on Saturday.

It’s obvious there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Stay tuned to PRO MMA as we get more details on this developing situation.

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3 thoughts on “MMA Champ won’t fight 5 minute rounds”
  1. theres way more to this. im sad things couldnt work out but facts are facts. they screwed up big time.

  2. Hose why you try to mess with the braddah’s if you had a problem you should have brought up sooner. You say three different things and send the weasel Pat to speak for you??????? Local braddah’s don’t need that headache just trying to make a good fights.

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