by:  Matt De La Rosa

Despite being suspended by the California State Athletic Commision until July 28 2009, Antonio Silva has plans to fight at World Victory Road’s Sengoku 7 on January 4th.

Tatame reported on the American Top Team member’s intentions. Silva (11-1), through translation, stated “I’m negotiating my way to Japan The Sengoku made me an off to fight on January 4 and we are seeing that.”

Regarding his suspension, the former Elite XC Heavyweight Champion informed MMAWeekly that “I’ve gone to a far extent to prove my innocence, and they don’t listen. It’s the law, or maybe it’s not the law, but it’s very wrong.”

Silva and his lawyer believe they have every right to head to Japan and show no fear of future potential backlash he could endure by violating his suspension due to fighting outside the country.

“My lawyer is entering the common justice, because justice was penalized in sports. In common that the valley is fact and evidence, they do not know the athletes, events or lawyers. In the meantime I will fight in another country, because according to my lawyer I would not have any problem in fighting outside of America even suspended by the commission.”

Silva would be a nice addition to a card already featuring quality bouts between Middleweight Grand Prix winner Jorge Santiago facing Kazuo Misaki and Takanori Gomi squaring off against Lightweight Grand Prix winner Satoru Kitaoka.

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