Pro Kumite is a new fight promotion in the UK, concentrating on MMA events all over Europe. The first show is going to be held on November 1st at the Bracknell Leisure Centre on Bagshot Road, Bracknell, RG12 9SE.

According to their website, Pro Kumite has negotiated the first UK fighter insurance policy that is given FREE of charge to every fighter. The policy covers most risks for a whole year. As well as being insured during the fight the policy covers aspects like training, traveling and much more.

If you would like to learn more about Pro Kumite and possibly fight on one of their European cards you can get more information on their website or contact their management at: [email protected]

Here’s how the Pro Kumite fight card stacks up:


  • Jared Ferre (Nova Forca) vs Anthony Phillips (Black Country Combat) -70kg
  • Hayden Critchfield (Hybrid Fight Team) vs Vincent Douthwaite (Alex Reid Vale Tudo) -70kg
  • Matt Follain (South West Black Belt Accademy) Vs Martin Cox (RDMA Martial Arts & Combat Accademy) -120Kg
  • Nasef Alganga (Rough N Ready Gym) Vs Steve Obe (Team Precision) -84Kg
  • Chris Thompson (Combat Arts Andalucia) Vs Dion Oakes -70Kg
  • Gary Watson (Renegade MMA) Vs Paul Ramos (Urban Warriors) -77Kg.
  • Haydn Ward (Rough ‘n’ Ready Gym) Vs Stephen Neesham (Team Pitbull) -70Kg
  • Nick Wedge (Rough ‘n’ Ready Gym) Vs Simon Northam (South West Black Belt Academy) -93Kg
  • David Gregory (Renegade MMA) Vs Tony Starns (Elite Fighting Systems) -120Kg

Caged Kickboxing

  • Damien Hamilton (Hurricane Warriors) vs Nigel Yarde (TnT Gym) -70kg
  • Eddie Irving (Streetwise Gym) vs Rob Neesham (Team Obscene) 73kg
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