We have finished remodeling our guest house just for you.  Guest house?  Yeah we have a guest house where you can come and hang out.  We built it just for you.  You can kick back and watch TV, hang out with friends, and talk about anything you want.  Sounds cool right?

So why are you still here?  Come on in and join us in our PRO MMA Discussion Forum.  Post a new discussion on any topic you want or respond to other people’s topics.  You can post videos and photographs by simply typing in the URL.   Not in a talkative mood?  Then just kick back and check out some of the photographs and videos already there.  It is very simple.

Have you met some professional MMA fighters?  Share your experiences or pictures with us.  Do you have something you need to get off your chest?  Comments or suggestions about the site?  Maybe there’s a fighter that just bugs the crap out of you…let us know.  Need some advice on where to find MMA fights near you?   We can help.

Anything you want to discuss just hop on over to the PRO MMA forum by clicking the link at the top of this page or if that’s too far to move your mouse, then just click HERE.

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