by:  Jack Bratcher

Most of you will recognize this beautiful young lady as a former UFC Ring Girl and she made a lot of fans there.  Many have said that she and Arianny Celeste made the best Ring Girl team of all time.  She still has ties to the MMA world in more ways than one.  You will learn here that there’s much more to this young lady than just a pretty face.  But honestly, when you have a face that pretty, do you really  need more?  Probably not.  Regardless of that, PRO MMA is proud to present to you, Ms. Ali Sonoma!

PRO MMA:  Ali Sonoma. I have always loved that name. Could you tell us your full name and how your parents picked the name Ali for you? Is “Ali” short for anything?
My full name is Alison Amanda Sonoma, I was named after Ali McGraw from the classic movie ‘Love Story’…I was always called Ali, I only get “Alison” when I’m in trouble.

PRO MMA: I hope you realize how much the fans miss you being with the UFC. As you probably know, the ring girls are carefully scrutinized, analyzed, criticized, and fantasized. So how is it Miss Sonoma is no longer with the UFC? How was it working for Dana? Did he ever tell bad jokes or do embarrassing things like pass gas at the dinner table?
I moved on from the UFC for two reasons: one being they shunned my relationship with Diego Sanchez, two being I was ready to move on and up in the world. It was my time to go, that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it, because sometimes I do, but I’m happy regardless.

PRO MMA: Even though you don’t work with the UFC any more, you are still involved with MMA is that correct? What is your business arrangement with Throwdown? I saw you on their website.
I am a model for MMA Authentics and Cage Fighter. We are all like a big family-I love my Ohio boys. I don’t have any agreement with Throwdown, that was a one time only shoot.

PRO MMA: What else are you doing these days professionally besides Throwdown?
Actually I am going back to school and working on getting my business degree. I am burnt out on modeling and acting at the moment. I am thinking long term, I want to open several businesses in the near future.

PRO MMA: Where are you from Ali and how old are you? I’m sure every man out there would like me to ask you if you are single?
I am 24, originally from St Louis, Missouri and now I live in San Diego. San Diego is awesome! No, I am not single, I’m with my better half, Diego Sanchez right now. (And we are laying naked in our king size Temprapedic bed) Ha ha, just kidding ;-)

PRO MMA: You and Diego were an item for a bit right? Do you like dating fighters and if so why? What would you find more appealing about a professional fighter than say a….professional video gamer?
We still are together, we broke up but two weeks later got back together. I don’t see us separating. And yes, I love being with him. He’s an incredible guy with a huge heart, he’s funny yet intense when he trains, he’s mentally strong, ambitious, and gives the best massages with those strong hands.

PRO MMA: Are you into video games at all? If so, do you have any game systems and what games do you play?
When I was younger my favorite games were Mortal Kombat (Sindel was my favorite) and Resident Evil. I havent played video games in a long time!

PRO MMA: What does Ali Sonoma do for fun? What are some of your interests, hobbies, or passions?
For fun I like to go out dancing every now and then. I also love Bikram yoga, cooking, swimming in the ocean, reading, just about anything outdoors, and sports.

PRO MMA: What’s the last great movie you saw? What’s the last great book you read?
The last great movie I saw was Batman Begins. I finally just now saw it, now I gotta see The Dark Knight.

PRO MMA: Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?
Ha Ha, never been to Turkish prision and never plan on it either!

PRO MMA: What advice would you give to other young ladies who would like to get into modeling, or being a ring girl, or doing the type of things you do?
My advice would be to be confident, know yourself-your limits, your boundaries, don’t forget your morals and what really matters. (And how you look is not what really matters!) And know that modeling is short lived; have fun with it while you can but always have a plan B.

PRO MMA: Do you have any words of wisdom or final thoughts you would like to leave us with?
Follow your heart, always. Be true to yourself. Love like no other, treat one another the way you want to be treated. And always reach for the stars!

PRO MMA: And what’s one of your favorite new MMA websites to visit?
ALI: (Ali is part owner) And of course PRO MMA!

PRO MMA: Thanks so much Ali for taking the time to speak with us. We love you and look forward to seeing much more of you and what the future has in store for Ali Sonoma.
Thanks for having me!

If you want to see more of Ali Sonoma (and let’s be honest, who doesnt?) there’s plenty more pictures and info about her on her MySpace page:


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