Luis Arthur Cane had a disappointing debut in the UFC last December. The Brazilian light heavyweight suffered his first defeat when he was disqualified for kneeing James Irvin to the head while Irvin was on the ground. At UFC 85: Bedlam, Cane came back very strong with a knockout win over Jason Lambert. However, Luis Cane had some very harsh words concerning James Irvin, his first opponent in the UFC, who was on the receiving end of that illegal knee. Here’s an excerpt from an interview Luis Cane recently had with Sherdog leading up to UFC 85:

“ Your first performance was at UFC 79 and you had a controversial outcome. You were disqualified against James Irvin for striking his face with your knees when he was on the ground. You’ve got angry with him, saying he was pretending to be injured to stop the fight. Tell us a little about this whole situation.
Cane: The result of this fight was a little disappointing because I was hired by the UFC thinking I would face a real athlete. But in the end, I fought against a coward in a no-heart fight. If that kneeing really knocked him out, any child could do the same. But this fight is already part of the past. My new fight against Lambert will be my true first combat at the event and this time against a real fighter.”

It’s unfortuante to hear a professional athlete speak like that against a fellow competitor. It is a sign of unsportsmanlike conduct and if this was the NFL there would be a flag on the play or possibly getting booted from the game. I just thought it was really uncalled for. Luis Cane is evidently a talented fighter as he showed against Jason Lambert this past Saturday and it was unfortuante that he had to take a loss the way he did against Irvin. But HE was the one who delivered the illegal blow and it’s just plain disrespectful and classless to say Irvin has no heart and to call him a coward and not a real fighter. It will be very interesting one day if Luis Cane ever faces a similar situation as he put James Irvin in. Then we will find out if he has a change of heart. Not cool at all Luis Cane. Not cool.

Here’s the video of Luis Cane when he delivered that illegal blow to James Irvin.
[dailymotion id=x5or01]

You can read the rest of Luis Cane’s interview with Sherdog here: Luis Cane Sherdog Interview

4 thoughts on “Luis Cane calls James Irvin a “no-heart coward””
  1. What a horrible article. First of all it’s LUIZ Cane, not Luis. Second of all it was clear Irvin faked the injury. He had no damage to his eye, and claimed to have a “concussion”. Maybe from the repeated lefts Cane was hitting him with. Irvin landed his bomb, and Cane shook it off, and Irvin knew he was done. Cane was making him look like an amateur, took him down, passed his guard, and the knee grazed his forehead. Luiz would never be in a similar situation because unlike Irvin he’s a warrior and would keep fighting. He will stop Soko on Saturday.

  2. By the way, the NFL metaphor makes little if any sense, stop acting like a drama queen. Your cheerleader named “Tru” made me laugh.

  3. Hey Truth why don’t you STFU ya hatin ass drama queen. horrible article, clear he faked the injury, blah, blah, blah. Nuthuggers like you are a dime a dozen! HAHA, I’m laughing at you clown!

  4. I completely disagree with this article. I think Banha is telling the truth that Irvin faked this injury. Furthermore, I think its far more disrespectful and classless, not to mention heartless and cowardly, for Irvin to cheat the fans and his opponent out of an actual outcome to the fight. The knee grazed him and did little damage, Irvin is a chump and took the cowards way out since it was there. Oh, and at least spell Cane’s first name right.

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