Dan Quinn Calling out Kimbo Slice.  He is the inventor of stevia cold fission and played LB for Notre Dame.  Lets put it this way..I don’t think Kimbo Slice wants any part of Dan Quinn.

5 thoughts on “The Legend That is Dan Quinn”
  1. he is 4-4 in his MMA career

    He has a TON of videos on youtube.. Some are about his past athletic achievements (He played LB at Notre Dame) and he also was a boxer at one point..

    He also makes claim that he has discovered Cold Fission, which he claims is STEVIA+WATER+ENERGY
    He says that taking Stevia has made him stronger than the average man, and that his body is quicker and better than it was 10 years ago..
    He says Stevia will run cars and eventually save the world..

    Look up “Dan Quinn” on Youtube, their is SEVERAL videos of him calling kimbo out and in one he says “If me and Kimbo were in Jail together I would rape him anally at will”

    He also says his uncle Handcuffed him like Jesus for 4.5 hours and beat the hell out of him, yet Next to his bed he keeps a framed picture of his uncle and torturer.

    This guy is nuts, But I say give him Kimbo Slice!!

  2. Dan Quinn has several fights, including a loss to Frank Mir. He has been training in front of the mirror at his Grandmother’s house and has been adhering to a strict diet of 5 liters of Stevia Water per day.

    He was more than just a football player, he stopped Iron Head Heywood at 4th and inches. SOmehow he was relagated to 4th team, at which point he took up boxing.

    Dan is back, and ready to kick ass. Just ask him.

  3. Oh yeah, and he once fought 4 guys in the bathroom at Juanita’s in Encinitas California. Then some guy from New York stepped in and he took him out, too. LOL!!!!

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