London, England

Saturday June 7, 2008

Welterweight -Marcus Davis (19-4) vs. Mike Swick (11-2)
Fourth Televised Fight. ROUND 1 – Swick has the reach advantage. Davis coming forward. Swick throwing head kicks. Leg kick by Davis. Clinched against cage. Davis gets a good takedown but Swick pops up. Davis goes for guillatine but Swick lands on top of Davis. Swick looking for a full mount; in side control right now; then back in Davis’s full gaurd. Swick trying to pass but can’t. Crowd getting restless at this chess game. Swick controlling the action but not doing any damage. Davis trying to get up but Swick keeps pulling him back down. Davis bleeding. Swick still in control on top of Davis after a few minutes here now. Davis can’t get out from under Swick and Swick laying on some ground and pound.

ROUND 2 – Swick throws a high kick and Davis catches him with a big punch. Swick gets Davis down and in Davis’s gaurd now. Could this be a replay of round one? Ref warns he will stand them up but Swick pours on some g n’ p. Swick trying to pas gaurd and gets to side control. Almost full mount by Swick. Davis going for a kimora. The boo’s are reigning throughout the arena. Davis gets up and catches Swick with a left. They exchange quickly then clinch. Davis looks for takedown but lets it go. Uppercuts by Davis. Plum by Swick and he delivers knees to the midsection of Davis but Davis trips Swick and is on top now in Swicks full gaurd. Swick gets up, Davis throws a kcik and Mike Swick catches that kick and trips Davis and throws him right on his back hard. Bell rings. Swick’s corner is telling him he needs to be more active. Marcus Davis corner tells him to let his hands go.

ROUND THREE – Swick’s corner wants him on the outside using his reach and to stay out of the clinch. Davis hasn’t lost a fight since 2006. Swick looks good at this new weight class. Davis is looking for a KO. He must know he is behind. Davis moves in for the clinch. They both exchange shots. The crowd is doing “the wave.” Rogan says he’s never seen that at an MMA event. LOL. It befuddles Rogan. Davis gets a takedown but Swick pops right up and they stay clinched the whole time. The referee deducted from Mike Swidk for holding the fence. Swick comes immediately and gets a takedown. He’s being very aggressive. Relentless ground and pound by Swick throwing everything he has. Marcus Davis’s face is messed up bad and very bloody. Now the crowd is singing. LOL. Swick still laying on that ground and pound for a full minute or more windmilling his arms very fast looking like a mad man on a mission.

Swick had to have won that even with the point deduction. Davis and Swick hug. Mark Delagrotte telling Davis he won it for sure. Rogan says Swick won. Unanimous 29-27 for Mike “Quick” Swick. Good win for Swick at 170 lbs. Swick said he got his head stuck in a subway door last night in London and the footage is on TV. I REALLY want to see that!.

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