Jason Day comes in to this match on a five-fight win streak. Michael Bisping is the hometown hero coming into this fight. They love “The Count” here in London. The cheers for Bisping were so loud on TV; I can’t even imagine how loud it must be in that arena. Bisping recently moved down from the Light Heavyweight class and looks great once again at 185.  He never was in trouble in this fight. They stood and exchanged for a bit, and then Bisping was able to easily take him down twice.  Near the 2:30 mark of round one, Bisping gets a big takedown then immediately transitions to full mount, he releases the mount as Day turtles. Bisping lays into Day with relentless continuous punches and an elbow. Day offers up little more than a prayer. Bisping looks very fast and agile in his strikes. He’s lean, mean, quick, and slick and the referee stops the fight and declares a TKO victory at 4:42 of round 1 for Michael “The Count” Bisping. During the post fight in-ring interview, Bisping calls out Guy Ritchie who is in the audience and says tells him if he needs someone for his next gangster movie, that he is defnitely available.

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