I was one of the ones who thought the Kimbo Slice / James Thompson fight was stopped too early but after watching this I’m starting to think the ref was right on.  Damn Kimbo hits hard!  He put Thompson on queer street.  The best though is watching James Thompson’s god-forsaken ear wiggle and jiggle.  If you haven’t read my report called BAN THE EAR.  You should.

  1. Kimbo, man that fool needs to lay off the fried chicken. He’s got bigger tits than my old momma, word.

  2. luckily i was one that said the ref was ok with his decision

    not only because of the ear, but because kimbo landed several hits on thompson. I dont understand why people critisize the referee. However, one judge that gave the WHOLE SECOND round to kimbo, was definitely wrong

    i think james should work on his defense, he basically has 0 defence at any time, and then forces a referee to do such a decision. he should train with rampage, because rampage has one of the best defences

  3. I think maybe the ear went like that because, seeing as far as I can tell the fighters arent greased up like some boxers do to prevent the glove and skin gripping on contact to avoid ripping the skin in a punch. What has happened is that the surface of one of Kimbos glove and his opponents ear have gripped in a punch and ripped the cartalidge like material out at the rear of the opponents ear.

  4. Kimbo slice is gonna be undefeated for a while because he’s now gonna train more in grappling and his punching power gonna increase with training. He did not tap out in the first round with Thompson because he tapped on him to gave a thumb up so that the fight would not be stopped. In the last 30 seconds of round 2, he let Thompson hit him on the ground because it did’nt hurt kimbo and kimbo was resting in the ground to regain some energy and explode in the 3rd round like he did and caused thompson’s ear.

    Good fighting strategy in that fight Kimbo and don’t let these haters that know little about fighting get to you…

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