For the second time in two weeks, a main card fighter has failed to make weight by a significant amount.  Last week Gina Carano missed weight by an astonishing 4.5 pounds.  Well, she must be a trend setter because today Thiago Alves, who is scheduled to fight legend Matt Hughes in the main event of UFC 85 in London missed weight by 4 pounds.  He weighed in at 174 instead of the 170 pound welterweight limit.  The fight will still take place, but at a catch weight of 174.  This is really awful for the sport when two of the biggest fights in a while go down like this.  These fighters are professionals and are not coming through.  If any of us average joes/janes screw up like this at our job, we are likely to be fired.  So in honor of Gina “catch weight” Carano and Thiago “Whoops” I say come on, make weight.  Although for those who sympathize with the two fighters, Gina was busy doing television and Thiago did take this fight on short notice.  I can agree that Thiago has a legitimate reason, but Gina…….not really.  Thiago did make weight, but was caught using diet drugs and suspended at i think it was ufc 66, so he has had issues in the past with the 170 weight class.

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